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Sheikh Hasina in shortlist of ‘world leaders’

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Published on : 15 March 2018, 08:00 PM
Sheikh Hasina in shortlist of ‘world leaders’

After the fall of socialism, the US President is the one regarded as world leader. The world followed this ritual till the sovereignty of Barack Obama. But the world declined to accept the US President as the leader of the world after Donald Trump got elected. So who leads the world now? The political researchers are divided over the question of who the leader of the world is. German Chancellor Angela Markel is ahead in their votes to be the world leader. Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is fifth in the list among the leaders who lead the world now. The research agency Peoples and Politics made a list according to the opinion of about a 100 students who are doing higher studies on politics and government in 10 ivy league universities around the world. The universities include Harvard University, Cambridge University, Oxford University, Stanford University, University of California, Yale University, University of Chicago, George Washington University, Boston University, University of Edinburgh, University of Munich, and University of Tokyo.

The leaders have been listed considering 5 factors. They are—1. How concerned is the leader about peace and welfare of the world? 2. How influential is the ideology and work of the leader in the world? 3. A specific work which has benefitted the world directly, 4. How influential the leader is to the other leaders of the world, and 5. What is the lasting positive effect of the step taken by the leader? Each factor is given 20 marks. A total of 100 marks were to be given by the students, but the students did not discharge their duty after giving the marks only, they had to logically explain the reason of giving the marks within 250 words. A leader has to obtain at least 80 marks to be regarded as a sole world leader. In 2015 and 2016, US President Barack Obama obtained 93 and 85 respectively to become the sole world leader. In 2017, as no leader got 80 or more marks, a panel has been made comprising the 5 best among all the leaders. The panel has, 1. Angela Markel, Chancellor, Germany. She got 67 marks. 2. Xi Jinping, President, China. He obtained 65 marks. 3. Vladimir Putin, President, Russia. He obtained 57 marks. 4. Pope Francis. He obtained 52 marks. 5. Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister, Bangladesh. She obtained 50 marks.

The students voted for Angela Markel because they think, ‘She is the one who still practices liberal democracy in the world. She has a great contribution in upholding European Union together.’ About the Chinese President the voters said, “He emerged as a generous person for the underdeveloped nations of the world. He is using China’s economic power in developing the world.” Comments has been made about Putin who was placed in the third place as, “He created a ‘balance of power’ for world peace.” About Pope Francis they said, “He strongly represented the message of global peace. He did not hold himself while talking about humanity.” About the fifth leader in the list Sheikh Hasina, they said, “A big leader of a small country.” The researchers said, “The message she gave for the empowerment and peach, is an excellent example for the people around the world. The Rohingya issue is the example of her sincerity to maintain peace and humanity in the world. Taking Bangladesh to a new height, Sheikh Hasina has emerged as an exemplary leader for the poor countries who are actually a vast majority of the world.” The research said, “When the Islamic world is divided with different disputes, Sheikh Hasina represented a new Bangladesh which holds the values of a progressive Islam in the world.

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