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Legal battle to remove Tarique

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Published on : 13 March 2018, 10:04 PM
Legal battle to remove Tarique

Some leaders of BNP are joining the legal battle to remove Tarique Zia (Rahman) from BNP. They say that Tarique Zia will not be the primary member of the BNP due to her conviction in the money laundering case. At the same time, they are challenging the legality of abolishing the section 7 of BNP’s constitution. At least a dozen leaders of BNP talked to two senior lawyers in this regard. Among them there is at least one member of the parliamentary standing committee, two advisers and one vice-chairman. On condition of anonymity, one of the BNP members involved with the initiatives said, "They have chosen the way of protecting Zia`s ideology and saving BNP." The leader said, "Nobody dare speak against Tarique Zia and Begum Khaleda Zia at the party forum. Therefore we have resorted to the court.

On February 2, BNP suddenly abolished the section 7 of the party`s constitution. It also submitted the amended constitution to the Election Commission. Section 7 of the constitution says, "No one can be lodged in any committee of BNP if the person is corrupt or guilty of corruption."

A section of the BNP said that this constitutional amendment was not done in a legitimate way. Such a correction should require a National Council. Their argument is that this amendment is contrary to BNP`s basic pillar of 19 points. Because, one of the key aspects of the 19-point pillar is to stay away from corruption.

Their main argument in the legal battle is that though the section 7 has been removed; the 19-point has not been removed. Therefore, Tarique Zia does not have the legal right to lead the party while the 19-point is in force. According to them, keeping Tarique Zia in the party position is contrary to party’s constitution. It is because Tarique is now ineligible for the election due to being sentenced. Any person ineligible for the national parliamentary elections cannot hold the post of party chief.

They are placing the verdict of the Pakistan’s Supreme Court in the front. The Supreme Court of Pakistan, in a recent verdict, declared the Muslim League president Nawaz Sharif disqualified as the chief of his party (Nawaz Sharif). In light of this verdict of Pakistan’s Supreme Court verdict, a number of lawyers and BNP leaders have taken the initiative to remove Tarique for the party.

It is learned that first they will send a legal notice to Tarique Zia. If they do not get satisfactory answers, they will then resort to the court.

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