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1 TK meal, 1 TK medical treatment

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Published on : 11 March 2018, 11:00 AM
1 TK meal, 1 TK medical treatment


An organization named Bidyanondo, meaning learn for fun, has launched an unusual kind of program. The organization is offering good foods to the poverty-stricken children who hardly can eat good foods in their life. Under their `Ek Takay Ahar` food program, they are offering delicious foods to the poor children with just one Taka so that they do not view themselves as beggars.

‘At present, we are providing more than 500 packets of meal in 8 districts of Bangladesh. The Bidyanondo Foundation`s policy is to charge 1 taka so as not to be viewed as giving handouts to the children, and for the children`s part, paying the money, as little as it is, is a matter of pride and allows them not to view themselves negatively as beggars.’, says Bidyanondo.

Besides offering one Taka meal, they also provide one Taka medical camp for regular health experiment of babies. Each month they provide free medical treatment to the students and some necessary medicine.

Bidyanondo has earned recognition through their works in a very short period of time.

To provide educational help to the underprivileged students for being a better resource for breaking the poverty cycle of their life is their mission and to ensure equal opportunities for the students to be ready for their career is their vision. 

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