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Who will lead BNP in next election?

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Published on : 09 March 2018, 09:53 PM
Who will lead BNP in next election?

If BNP becomes free of Zia Family, there are many candidates who would like to become the chairman of the party. There are many contenders in and outside the party who would like to become the chairman of BNP. As part of an settlement with the government, some names have emerged in the discussion during the formation of `Zia family free` BNP. The donors countries and friends of Bangladesh want to see someone else other than Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman to lead the party; who will also lead the party in the next election. Because of the graft case conviction, Begum Zia is unlikely to participate in the election. Tarique Rahman, in the mean time, has been disqualified from participating in the election for being a convicted and not have appealed against it. Even if Begum Zia gets released, she might have to remain outside Bangladesh as a part of the settlement with the government. This is the reason the donors and friends of Bangladesh want to see someone else as the leader of BNP. The foreign diplomats have no objection even if the leadership is sought thorough unified opposition against Awami League. Discussions of participatory elections are also in place together with the formation of an anti-Awami League coalition.

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam is much ahead in the race to become the new head of a `Zia Family Free` BNP. He is the one leading BNP after the conviction of Begum Zia. He has a clean image as well as an international acceptability. But Mirza Fakhrul lacks the charisma which is important to become the leader of a party like BNP.

Those who want to force a strong opposition to curtail the authority of Awami League, they not only want BNP but a coalition of all anti-Awami League forces. Such a coalition is wanted to participate in the next election with BNP`s party symbol (Dhaner Shish). Many who agree to this opinion want the former President and BNP`s founding Secretary General Dr. Badruddoza Chowdhury to lead the coalition. He is also popular as a national leader. He has a transparent image too. But his role in BNP is questionable. A big portion of BNP leaders will not accept his leadership. Another founding leader of BNP is Colonel (Retd.) Oli Ahmed. He is known as an honest and prolific politician. But he, many people opine, lack the personality to become a national leader.

But we need to wait to see who eventually becomes the new head of BNP or the leader of theanti-Awami League coalition for that matter.

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