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Sheikh Hasina: World`s most inexpensive head of govt

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Published on : 08 March 2018, 10:09 PM
Sheikh Hasina: World`s most inexpensive head of govt

Bangladesh is coming out from the category of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and becoming a role model of development. However, the head of the government of Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is the world’s most economical head of the government, reports Peoples and Politics. It means she spends the minimum amount of money for herself.

The monthly salary of the PM is Taka one lac twenty-two thousand. According to the Wikipedia, her yearly salary is 17,500 US dollars. This is the lowest salary of any head of government in the world. Her daily cost is also very little. She lives a very simple life. In a nutshell, she leads no luxurious life at all.

Referring to Wikipedia, People’s and Politics reports that the yearly salary of Nepal’s head of government is 17,584 US dollars, which is 48 dollars more than Sheikh Hasina. On the place, there is Iran, whose head of government takes 18,949 US dollars as yearly salary.

Currently, the world’s richest country is China whose President is in the fourth place with only 22,000 US dollars as yearly salary. However, the Chinese President can enjoy many privileges. The state carries his costs. On the fifth position, there is India, with 29,000 US dollars salary of its head of government.

On the other hand, the head of the government of Singapore earns the most, whose yearly salary is 1,631,000 US dollars. Followed by Hong Kong’s head of government with 631,650 US dollars, Australia’s head of government with 507,340 US dollars, United State’s head of government with 400,000 US dollars and on the fifth position there are Ireland’s President and Luxemburg’s PM jointly with 340,000 US dollars.

The research conducted by People’s and Politics also shows that most of the world leaders are wealthy and have a source of income. But PM Sheikh Hasina does have any such source. She has donated most of her wealth and leads a very simple life. She never wears costly dresses. She is perhaps the only head of the government who does not have any kind of personal luxury. 

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