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How is Begum Zia doing?

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Published on : 06 March 2018, 10:00 PM
How is Begum Zia doing?

BNP Chairperson Khaleda wakes up every day between 9:30 to 10 am in the morning with the knocking at the door. She comes out of the room leaning on Fatema, who has been brought for her domestic services. Each morning the prison officer greets Khaleda with a soothing voice saying ‘Good morning, Madam.’ But, she never returns the greetings, rather she reacts unwelcomingly. The prison officer, ignoring Khaleda’s unreceptive behavior, keeps performing his duty. 

When Khaleda Zia first arrived here, she used to talk about different things. But now, she remains quiet most of the time. After the prison officer leaves the room, the nurse begins her duty which involves checking the health status of Khaleda. It goes on for around fifteen minutes and then she goes to the washroom.

After an hour, she takes her breakfast at around 11:30 am. Whatever there is on the menu, she eats only fruits, milk, egg, juice and biscuits. She does not touch the bread and vegetables.

After the breakfast, she passes a wonderful time. She uncovers her makeup box and begins her beautification. It is her very old habit of using heavy makeup and carrying the makeup box with her wherever she moves. When she finishes her makeup, it is already the last hour of the noon. Then she goes through the pages of some national dailies. By this time, Fatema reorganizes Khaleda Zia’s room.

Then Khaleda lays on her single bed where a new bedsheet has already been placed by Fatema who then massages her feet in a careful and gentle manner.

When it is afternoon, Khaleda Zia takes her lunch. She eats very little rice and vegetables in her lunch and then eats 3-4 strawberries. After the lunch, her routine is to nap for a while but it alters if BTV shows a Bangla movie. Khaleda sits on the chair and Fatema on the floor, right beside her, and they together enjoy the movie. Watching a movie in such strange manner is Khaleda’s one of the favorite habits. Although Khaleda does not pray other prayers of the day, she rarely misses the Maghrib prayer. She takes a cup of green tea after the prayer with some salty biscuits which have been brought from Hotel Westin.

When BTV telecasts the 8 pm news Khaleda mumbles running commentary alone. But the two prison guards enjoy her murmuring a lot. She continues watching TV for some more time and then lays her body on the bed again and makes short conversation with Fatema. Fatema sometimes induces airflow with a hand fan for cooling her body.

After 10 pm, Khaleda eats her supper. It remains pin drop silence then, only the sound of howling is heard.

Before going to bed at 12 am, she walks for a while. Because of the mosquitoes, she had to use a mosquito net in the beginning days to protect her from the mosquito bites. Even though she goes to bed, she cannot sleep. She wonders about how she has eventually ended up here. The question is, can Khaleda really sleep at night or she waits for the daylight to appear? This is how her one month has passed in the prison.

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