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Notorious female pirates of history  

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Published on : 04 March 2018, 08:22 AM
Notorious female pirates of history   


If there is a woman on the ship, it will be an unfortunate journey--was a common belief among the pirates once. But conventional ideas did not suppress some daring women. These women did not just join the pirates but some of them had captured leadership. They have overtaken each other in violence. Recently, a history base British magazine has published a list of world’s most notorious female pirates. Let`s have a look at them.

Ching Shih: Ching Shih was a Chinese prostitute who later became a powerful female pirate. In 1801 the pirate leader Zhèng Yi married her and took her to the sea. The pirate group made by this couple once became one of the strongest in the world. At that time they had occupied more than one hundred ships and about 50 thousand pirates. After Zhèng`s death in 1807, his party`s sole leadership was established on his wife. This buccaneer group emerged as a powerful force under women leadership. This group became a nightmare for every ship that travelled on that route. They originally used to do robberies and collect ransom after kidnapping the local and foreign seamen. In 1844, Ching Shih died at the age of 69.

Anne Bonnie: Anne Bonny was an Irish pirate operating in the Caribbean, and one of several noted women in piracy. In 1718, Anne shifted to America and married a sailor there. Later they went to an island of Bahamas which is inhabited by pirates. She left her husband and went in contact with a pirate chief named Rackham. Rackham`s forces used to raid the Caribbean Sea. Anne married Rackham and joined his force. At one time, a new woman named Mary Reid was added to their team. Anne`s friendship with Marie grew. Small fishing boats and merchant ships of the Caribbean Sea were always frightened on them. Within a few days, Rackham was hanged after being caught by king’s troops. Anne survived thankfully for being pregnant. Although Bonny was historically renowned as a Caribbean pirate, she never commanded a ship of her own.

Marie Reid: Marie Reid was born in England in the late seventeenth century. From the early days, she was an advance enthusiastic person. So she started her career as a soldier in the name of Mark Reid in the guise of the man. Later she chose the life of the sailor. At the end of 1710, her ship was attacked by the pirates. An injured Mary lost her consciousness and when she opened her eyes, she discovered herself in the pirate Rackham`s ship. During this time she met Anne Bonnie and revealed her identity. They developed a great friendship. This notorious robber died in an unknown reason in prison.

Rachel Wall: It is said that Rachel Wall was the first and only American woman to be involved in piracy. It is known that Rachel was a rural girl from Pennsylvania who fled from home at her teenage age and married a fisherman named George. This couple was living in Boston. Extreme financial difficulties lead them towards the life of crime. In 1781 they bought a small boat and formed a group of low-income sailors. In the meantime, they started robbery in various ships in the coastal areas of New England. Their methods were different and ruthless. When a sandy breeze shook off the coast, they used to go out to the sea with their boat and pretended to be affected. Rachel stepped in her boat patrol and sought help from the passing ships. Rachel and her forces attacked them as the ship came up with their help. They looted that ship and killed the passengers. After the death of her husband George in 1782, Rachel started looting in the ashore. In 1789 Rachel was arrested while attacking and robbing a Boston woman. Rachel Wall is the last woman in Boston Massachusetts who was hanged to death.