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Extensive research on Sheikh Hasina at Harvard

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Published on : 27 February 2018, 10:00 PM
Extensive research on Sheikh Hasina at Harvard

The world-renowned Harvard University is undertaking research on the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. She is being studied at least in three major categories namely politics, discretion, and strategy. The name Sheikh Hasina is coming as reference repeatedly when the teachers are giving lectures on different subjects. The works of the PM and the changes she has brought to Bangladesh under her dynamic leadership are being considered as significant components by the teachers of Harvard Kennedy School.

Professor Graham T. Allison teaches on government at the Harvard Kennedy School. At least 21 students of this school are currently the heads of the government in different countries. The Government and Politics department is called Harvard Kennedy School.

Professor Graham is giving importance to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s world peace model for ‘People’s Empowerment’ in his lecture. In a study led by him, he showed that Bangladesh and Sheikh Hasina have become an example to the world because of being successful in developing the country from the underdeveloped condition. According to the study, the trend of positive change in Bangladesh has become only possible because of Sheikh Hasina. She has spearheaded development and democracy in the country.

Another Professor of the same institution Arthur Applbaum, who is the Professor of Political Leadership and Democratic Value, has acclaimed the works of Sheikh Hasina in his lectures. Under his supervision, a group of Ph.D. students is studying political leadership and the refugee problem. In that study political wisdom and courage of Sheikh Hasina came up. The study reveals, ‘What new height a right decision in political leadership gives—Bangladesh and Sheikh Hasina are the perfect examples of it.’ The study also says, ‘Sheikh Hasina has transformed military dictatorship into democracy. For this, she had to struggle a lot.’ Despite criticisms from many, she has sparked a trend of peaceful and secular politics. In his recent article, he said that Sheikh Hasina has made an example to the world by providing shelter to the Rohingyas.

Christopher N. Avery teaches Public Policy at Kennedy School. He has published many books on public leadership and management. Sheikh Hasina has found a special place in his latest research works. According to him, the development strategy of Sheikh Hasina can be an effective strategy for the popular leaders. One of his researches reveals that Sheikh Hasina is the example of how an unpopular political party can stay in power for a long period capitalizing the popularity of the leader. Thwarting the opposing force is a good political management, according to Avery. After Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, she is the only person being studied at the Harvard University.

When contacted, Gowher Rizvi, who is the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s international affairs adviser and professor of the Harvard University, said to Bangla Insider, ‘Kennedy School emphasizes on the importance of contemporary politics and the current situation of the world than the academic books. The future world leaders study in this department. Today, Sheikh Hasina is the role model for the world. Therefore, future leaders will study on her and this is a very natural phenomenon. The world has much to learn from the political leadership of Sheikh Hasina.’ The internationally acclaimed educationist said, ‘Sheikh Hasina is not only the asset of Bangladesh, rather she is an asset to the whole world.’

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