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Khaleda’s Beauty Parlor Secret Unveiled

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Published on : 02 October 2017, 02:23 PM
Khaleda’s Beauty Parlor Secret Unveiled

Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed was an educated and elegant person. Besides, he was a skilled bureaucrat, as well as a diplomat with several success stories.

On January 11, 2007, he took oath as the head of the caretaker government and on 22 January, he joined the Prime Minister’s office. President Iajuddin Ahmed served as head of the caretaker government for some time after Begum Zia resigned her PM position. He used to work from Bangabhaban, which is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of Bangladesh. Therefore, no one filled in the PM’s office after the departure of Begum Zia.

When the Chief Advisor arrived in the Prime Minister’s Office, the officers and workers welcomed him and he exchanged greetings with them. While strolling around the office, he suddenly encountered with two separate doors. One of those led to the bathroom and another led to a very private room.

Seeing the private room, Fakhruddin was left in a shock. Because it was not only a private room but a huge beauty parlor filled with lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara and thousand other makeup materials. One can simply call it a modern beauty parlor.

When he questioned the officers about the parlor room and why it was not removed from the PM office, they replied that the President ordered them not to do so as the President thinks that Begum Zia will undoubtedly come to power again and rejoin her office, so they did not have to remove it from the office.   

Dr. Fakhruddin immediately ordered to roll it back and make a checklist. To make the list, it took two days and the list was very long. It had a collection of six thousand lipsticks of different brands, a thousand of eyeshadows and 700 types of plaster color foundation. In all, there were 9,827 items in the list.

He asked to one of his personal officials that whose money was spent to purchase this huge number of cosmetics. It was the PM`s office which carried the expenses, they replied.

Not only this, in the Prime Minister`s official residence, which was located at 30 Hare Road, there was another beauty parlor. And at her Cantonment house, people saw the third when the house was being rescued.


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