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Why failed ministers not accountable?

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Published on : 14 February 2018, 10:13 PM
Why failed ministers not accountable?
The ministerial job depends upon the will of the Prime Minister in the parliamentary democracy. The PM can remove any minister she wants or make a minister resign.
Awami League has reached the fringe of its second consecutive term in power. At such a crucial stage, when the general election is only ten-month away, the inefficiency, failure, and incompetence of few minister have marred the achievements of the government.
Awami League (AL) is carrying the burden of few unsuccessful ministers. In this situation, a simple question arises; is the failure of the cabinet Minister`s beyond accountability? Why has there been no action against them? 

The incident of question leak has now become epidemic. The Education Minister has easily surrendered to the miscreants. He has lost control and authority over the ministry. Just a few days ago, personal officer of the ministry was arrested on corruption charges. On several occasions, lawmakers have demanded his resignation in the Parliament. Ultimately, the disappointment of the people on the Education Minister is spilling over the government.
Community clinics of the country remain stagnant for over a month. We know community clinic is one of the most significant initiatives taken by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. It has become a unique model for not only the country but also for the world in relation to provide health support to the marginalized people.
When the BNP-Jamaat alliance came to power in 2001, they suspended the activities of the community clinics. Despite the then government’s imprudent move, many people came up with self-initiative to continue the activities of the community clinics.

Yet, the amount of damage that the Health Minister has done to this sector has surpassed the amount of damage caused by the BNP-Jamaat led government. The Health Minister has no time for his ministry. He remains busy in different political activities. In a report of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on January 18 which was submitted to the Prime Minister`s Office branded the Health Ministry as the hub of corruption of the country. The report revealed that the top officials of the ministry treat the ministerial office as a place to run a family business. The report also stated that a festival of corruption is ongoing in the ministry in the name of procurement. However, the Health Minister remains out of reach. When the ACC brought 17 specific allegations of corruption against the ministry, the Health Minister managed to escape by convincing the cabinet members and the PM. 

And the Finance Minister (FM) is far beyond being accountable. He surprised the nation by calling the pure robbery of multiple banks in broad daylight as ‘rubbish’. Till date, no action has been taken against any of the bank looters. Financial institutions like Basic Bank, Sonali Bank, Janata Bank and Farmers Bank have gone into a coma. However, the big smile on the face of the FM remains unchanged. People who support AL are saying that the bank sector will be the cause of a headache for AL in the upcoming election. 

People dislike discussing the food sector. They only carry a suppressed anger in them. With all the corruption scandals of rice and wheat procurement, the Food Minister, without any hesitation, criticizes the corruption of BNP. 

The list of the corrupt and scandalous ministers may become longer. But, will the failure of these four cabinet members not be enough to destroy all the achievements of the government? The PM may think that if she removes them from the cabinet before the upcoming election, people may raise the question about the image of the party. 

But, why will you (PM) take the responsibility of their failures? Why would you carry on with the dishonest and corrupt people? Why would there be no accountability for failures?

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