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Her disgrace brings disgrace to nation

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Published on : 13 February 2018, 05:14 PM
Her disgrace brings disgrace to nation


Yesterday, a short video clip went viral where a young actress named Priya Prakash Varrier winks at her boyfriend.  Her wink and smile went so viral on social media that people who always seek business opportunities everywhere launched t-shirts of Priya in a winking pose.

Yesterday, another heartbreaking incident appeared in the mainstream media. A father was forced to recount the physical ordeal of his daughter at a press conference. Because the medical report did not confirm the rape assault on his 9-year old daughter. She was allegedly raped by his paternal uncle- Mahbub, a sixteen-year-old SSC candidate - who lured her into his house by offering chocolates and then promising to teach riding bicycle.

While comparing both incidents from humanitarian grounds, the second incident unquestionably should have had a greater impact upon people than the previous one. But unfortunately, it did not happen so. The 9 year old rape survivor failed to draw even the quarter amount of attention what Priya Varrier’s wink received.

When the child got back home, she explained everything to her mother. Later, when her father came to know what happened to his little child, he immediately filed a case against the culprit Mahbub. The police also at once arrested Mahbub who later confessed to his crime.

On the same day, the father admitted his daughter at a local health complex for medical examination. But, the medical examination was delayed as the resident medical officer, Dr Shikha Rani, was absent and the test could not be carried out on January 24. It was carried out the next morning.

When the medical report came out, the father was gaping at the report and was lost for words as it did not mention any kind of sexual assault on his daughter. The on-duty medical office explained that there was no case of sexual assault. However, she reported history of sexual abuse on her. 

When Mahbub was produced before the court, he was given bail on January 30 so he could sit for his SSC exams, even though rape is a non-bailable offense in Bangladesh.

Receiving no justice, the father sought media as his last resort and called a press briefing to express what abominable crime has been done to his family. He claimed that the family of the accused is trying to pressurize him to dismiss his charges. Furthermore, the medical report noted January 24 as the day of examination and not January 25.

The picture clearly shows a sign of disgrace of the child as she grabs her father’s arm while trying to hide her face under his enfolding arm.

So, will it be possible for the child to live a normal life after experiencing such unusual incident? It seems very unlikely for the traumatized child to take this world as a safe place for roaming freely.

It is not the child who is hiding her face in disgrace; it is the society hiding its face in disgrace.

There is no hyped statement in the above words. No promise or measure can wash away the stain from her young mind.

Such incident of rape is not rare in this country. Just a few months ago, a father with his eight-year-old daughter committed suicide jumping before a train in Gazipur for not getting justice. She was the only child in the family who was sexually abused by a neighbor. 

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