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Upshot of Tarique saga

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Published on : 11 February 2018, 10:41 PM
Upshot of Tarique saga

BNP Senior Vice Chairman Tarique Rahman is serving as acting chairman of BNP from London in the absence of Khaleda Zia despite Tarique sentenced to 17 years in prison for involvement in the Zia Orphanage Trust graft case. The proceeding of the August 21 grenade attack case is now in the final stage of the verdict. In addition to everything, Tarique’s political asylum in London is hanging in uncertainty. The law enforcement agency in London is pointing at Tarique Rahman for Bangladesh High Commission office in London coming under attack from a protest rally organized by the UK unit of the BNP ahead of the Khaleda Zia`s corruption trial verdict.

The suspected leaders and activists of UK BNP who have been arrested in the attack have given Tarique’s name as the commander. If Tarique’s involvement is proved, he will be imprisoned in London or send back to Bangladesh.

Bangladesh still has no prisoner exchange deal with the UK. However, in the recent visit of the British Foreign Minister to Bangladesh, the two countries have agreed in principle- a stepping stone to bring Tarique back to the country.

A spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry has informed Bangla Insider that there is a possibility of signing the exchange deal with the UK in the next three to four months. If such deal is signed between the two countries, then the first person to bring back to the country will be Tarique Rahman.

Apart from the prisoner exchange deal, the danger for Tarique staying in London has only increased. His name has leapfrogged several names in the wanted list of Interpol as Tarique has been sentenced ten years in prison in Zia Orphanage graft case after he was sentenced seven years in prison in money laundering case.

If he is proved guilty in the 21 August grenade attack, he will be identified as ‘most wanted’ criminal list of Interpol. Therefore, today or tomorrow, he must return to his homeland.

Now, Tarique has less opportunity to go to another country as Tarique has not renewed his Bangladeshi passport. The government of UK has only sheltered him as a refugee but did not give him any passport.

Tarique’s return to the country is also not an easy matter. The High Court (HC) sentenced Tarique to the money laundering case. However, his lawyer did not appeal to HC against the verdict within the next 30 days. If he does not return to the country in the other two cases, he will also lose the chance to appeal.

What is the future of Tarique in politics? What will be the upshot of this saga? This question has been raised in the political arena of the country.

The friendly countries of BNP also did not like promoting Tarique to the acting chairman role. Tarique is very popular among the youth force of BNP, but, a clear majority of the people of the country do not like him as a politician. People consider him as a corrupt and rogue politician.

When Khaleda’s political life is on the fringe, Tarique’s political future also does not show any future hope. Rather, many people see his involvement in multiple scams at home and abroad as the end of his political career.

Is being the acting chairman of BNP the beginning of Tarique Rahman’s politics? 

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