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Restless Begum Zia wants to go to hospital

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Published on : 10 February 2018, 10:11 PM
Restless Begum Zia wants to go to hospital

Begum Zia wants to go to the hospital immediately if her release gets delayed. Five lawyers who went to meet Begum Zia today at Old Central Jail confirmed the news that Begum Zia would like to shift to a hospital instead of living in prison cell. The lawyers after the meeting with Begum Zia have asked for the permission of a health check-up of BNP chairperson by her personal physician.

On Saturday afternoon, five lawyers including Barrister Moudud Ahmed met Begum Zia. Sources in the jail confirmed that although Begum Zia was untroubled on Friday, she became restless on Saturday. Since morning she called the jail authorities at least eight times to submit complains about different issues. Occasionally she loses her temper and starts shouting loudly. Begum Zia also complained to her lawyers that she was kept in a very low-quality condition. She is not given the division status. But when asked about the prison condition the DIG said, "Begum Khaleda Zia has been given more facility than the division status." According to the sources, the room given to Begum Zia in prison is equipped with modern amenities. But Begum Zia complained to the jail authorities that her bed is not soft enough to sleep. Begum Zia wants running hot water. But this facility is not available in jail. A prison official said that they are constantly giving hot water in her cell as per her requirements. Begum Zia also complained about the unsuitability of the carpet in her room. There`s a lot of dust in the carpet. The prison authorities are cleaning the carpet twice a day to solve the issue. Begum Zia expressed strong dissatisfaction over the value of the prison food. The jail authorities reported that cooking arrangements have been made separately for Begum Zia. Begum Zia reportedly wants to watch two hindi channels, especially Star Plus and Colors, on the TV provided in her cell. But according to the provision of jail, cable service is restricted inside the prison. Only Bangladeshi channels can be watched from inside the prison. Begum Zia burst into anger when she met her lawyers this afternoon regarding the discrepancies in the quality of her living conditions.

The prison authorities stated that there is no possibility of allowing a personal physician to check the health condition of a convict. Begum Zia`s health has been checked regularly by the prison doctor. No major problem has been found till now.

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