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Senior leaders not ready to accept Tarique’s leadership

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Published on : 09 February 2018, 10:00 PM
Senior leaders not ready to accept Tarique’s leadership

Right after becoming the self-proclaimed party leader of BNP, Tarique threatened the senior leaders of the party. He warned the senior leaders saying, "Strict action will be taken against anyone who will try to conspire and betray BNP." Tarique talked with a number of BNP leaders throughout Thursday night; he conversed with the secretary general Mirza Fakhrul for a number of times.

A standing committee member commented that such promptness is an access on Tarique`s part. He said, "There is no likelihood in Tarique to maintain unity among the party members and take everyone along in this moment of crisis."

Another BNP standing committee member admitting Tarique`s phone said, "The boy is very impolite. He has no sense of discipline in him. I have done politics with his father. He used to call me uncle before, now he calls me by my name." In a sorrowful tone he added, "Tarique talks with us as if we are his servants." The senior leader of the party said, "I am still doing politics because of Madam. No way I will remain in politics under Tarique`s rule."

According to the sources, Tarique`s phone has caused a stern reaction among party leaders. A businessman asked Tarique to keep his cool and work accordingly. Tarique said, "This is not the way a party is run."

On the other hand, at least two members of BNP Standing Committee Lieutenant General (Retd.) Mahbubur Rahman and Dr. Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain refused to accept Tarique as the acting chairman. General Mahbub said, "There is no such provision in the constitution. Besides, Tarique is not in the country now. It is an unrealistic thought to lead a political party like BNP from another country." According to the source, almost all the senior leaders of BNP are on the same page in this matter. They think Tarique has no chance of taking the lead. Many leaders think that Begum Zia`s imprisonment is temporary. Until Begum Zia is released from the jail, the party leaders have taken the decision to run the party under joint leadership.

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