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Shame and pity on BNP

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Published on : 08 February 2018, 10:05 PM
Shame and pity on BNP

Pro-BNP intellectuals and well wishers got disappointed with the way Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) responded after the verdict. They have said `Such helpless surrender is unbelievable.` They expressed their pity on the BNP and termed it as a `shame`.

One of the key think tank members of BNP is Mahmudur Rahman who is the acting editor of the national daily Amar Desh. He heard the verdict staying in a relative`s house. He was being accompanied with the executive director of Amar Desh Abdal Ahmed. This former energy adviser to Begum Zia expressed frustration as there was no protest when Begum Zia was being taken to the jail. He told fellow journalist, `BNP is so disabled and got bankrupt.` He also said that even Jamaat reacted more strongly than BNP after the verdict of its leaders. He said to Abdal, `I myself am ashamed.`

BNP`s another think tank is Shafik Rehman. He heard the verdict from his Baily road house. He was accompanied by some of his assistants. After the verdict, he said `the party has no power to protest. Was this party in power for 10 years?’ It has been heard commenting that BNP has become a worthless political party after this incident.

Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhury, the trustee of Gonoshastha Kendra, heard the news staying in his own institution. Some of the doctors were with him. After the verdict, he was awaiting the reaction of BNP for some time. Zafrullah Chowdhury, disturbed by Rizvi`s tears, told his fellow doctor, `Why does that man cry? Has he come for doing politics or jatrapala (a typical Bengali musical show)?` He said, `Do you know I feel pity on BNP?` Begum Zia knew that she would be arrested, what was her direction then? How would BNP be run? With a mild smiling gesture in his face and putting his one hand on the back of the junior doctor, he said, `Sheikh Hasina has won in the chess game’.

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