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‘If convicted, Khaleda should retire from politics’

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Published on : 06 February 2018, 10:11 PM
‘If convicted, Khaleda should retire from politics’

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is disappointed at BNP`s activities regarding the verdict on February 8. How a party like BNP, who has formed the government in two terms, can threaten the court before it delivers its verdict. Two advisers close to the PM and a minister said this during a discussion. A close source to the PM has confirmed this.

According to sources, while discussing issues on the overall law situation of the country, PM said, ‘Despite embezzling money of the orphans, BNP does not have the slightest regret. BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia should resign from her post. But, the situation seems to be the opposite here.’

PM cautioned, ‘BNP can take the people of the country as hostages regarding the verdict.  They might get involved with terrorist activities to disrupt the country.’

Sheik Hasina has directed the law enforcing agencies to protect the common people`s lives and their properties if BNP wants to create unstable situation centering the verdict. She has advised her party leaders and activists not to get involved with any reprehensible activities falling into the trap of BNP. She stressed, ‘It is a matter of the law enforcement agencies to handle, not a political issue.’ However, she has also instructed them to stay alert. 

During the discussion, she said, ‘I do not know what kind of verdict the court will deliver. If convicted, Khaleda should retire from politics. But, if she continues her political activities even after the court announces her guilty, it will be a misfortune of the politicians as people will start to think of politicians as corrupt people.’

She said, ‘How can a Prime Minister, who came to power in two terms, be involved with such activity of embezzling money of the orphans? Has she lost everything she owns? Does she know how much damage she has caused to politics? ‘

PM stressed that people of the county can now understand the reality. They will slay her dreams to get into power by casting votes against her.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will not be in Dhaka on February 8. She will visit Barisal as part of her election campaign. 

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