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Local software companies neglected despite booming in ICT sector

Z. R. M. Zakir
Published on : 06 February 2018, 04:02 PM
Local software companies neglected despite booming in ICT sector


When the local software companies of Bangladesh have successfully created a commercial value in the international market, they have failed to replicate the landmark in the country’s local market. While seeking the cause of such negligence in the local market, a shocking fact came up. A study reveals that the softwares the government offices have purchased are mostly purchased from the foreign markets, neglecting local entrepreneurs.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector in Bangladesh is a booming sector with new generations are in thralls of the IT-based education and learning than ever before. If truth be told, the global dreamscape is expanding every year and moving towards a new dimension. Thus, how come did we miss the train of this IT revolution?

It happened in September, 2017 when the country’s Power Division called a tender for the ERP software. The terms and conditions of the tender stated that the interested company should be at least ten years old and the company’s turnover must be at least one thousand crore US dollars (Tk 83,300 crore) in 10 years. Also, the company must own at leasto one hundred crore US dollars worth assets, Chairman of eGeneration Shameem Ahsan comfessec this.

The question arises: How many IT companies are there which haveTk 8,330 crore of yearly turnover?

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s directive clearly states that the responsibility of any government project must not be entrusted solely to foreign companies. There will be a joint venture where the local company will have at least 40 percent shareholding. Still, in most cases, the directive of PM is not followed.

And where the local companies are incorporated with foreign companies, the local companies can hardly make any profit, said Chief Operating Officer of Leeds Corporation Ltd.

Bangladesh has the required efficient manpower to thrust the country to become a projecting exporter of IT services. However, they need full support from the government. 

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