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‘Madam going to jail or Hajj?’

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Published on : 05 February 2018, 10:43 PM
‘Madam going to jail or Hajj?’

The verdict of Zia Orphanage Trust corruption case against Begum Zia will be given on February 8. Since the announcement of the date of the verdict, Begum Zia seems to be not having fuss.

The Standing Committee has had three meetings (though she was not present in one meeting). The meeting with the 20-party alliance was also held. Two and a half years later, the meeting of the Executive Committee was held on February 3. On Monday, she went to Sylhet by road. But she has not gone there for any sort of political programs but for visiting the shrines. She will arrange a press conference on 7th February. The grassroots-level leaders of the party are wondering, ‘Is Madam going to jail or Hajj?’ When a local leader was asked about the reason of holding such perception, he said, ‘If the madam is sentenced in the case, then we must organize movement. Madam did not have any meeting with the Dhaka city unit. She has not even given any direction to Jubo Dal, Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal, and Secchasebok Dal about the movement. We did not get any program guideline. It seems that Begum Zia is going abroad for a while, and therefore, she is bidding goodbye from all and requesting forgiveness in the shrines.`

Another leader said that she bid a similar goodbye for herself in the meeting of the Executive Committee on February 3. She said, `Wherever I go, I will stay with you.` What does it mean? The leader thinks that everyone was expecting specific declaration from her. There was mention about the aftermath activities if sentenced in the verdict. A leader from Satkhira said, `I joined the Executive Committee after fleeing from home. Now I am hearing that arrest warrant has been issued against me in my area. The police went to the house. I am now in Dhaka. What do I do, the leaders do not know anything. Is doing movement that easy?

Begum Zia herself is not perhaps sure what is awaiting her! Will she go to the jail or get rid of the case? Will she be able to participate in the election and become ineligible? Because of not being able to get the answers of these questions, she is probably puzzled. Therefore, she is seeking prayer of others in her favor. Activists are worried. There may also be a storm over the workers of the party. Leaders will either escape or rest in prison. Begum Zia will stay in complete comfort. Perhaps she will spend her free time thinking of her past golden memories.

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