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Would you repent before going to prison?

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Published on : 04 February 2018, 10:00 PM
Would you repent before going to prison?

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made a tour to Sylhet on January 30. Just after two days, Jatiya Party (JP) Chairman Hussain Muhammad Ershad made a tour to Sylhet. And now, BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia has decided to visit Sylhet on Tuesday. 

The visits of Awami League (AL) President and JP Chairman are understandable. Both will take part in the upcoming general election of the country. It has become a kind of custom in the politics of Bangladesh that each party begins its election campaign from Sylhet. However, the recent update on Khaleda’s visit to Sylhet does not make a clear sense since she has remained undecided on joining the election. Many speculations are circulating in the political arena regarding this.

On February 8, the court will deliver its verdict on Khaleda’s Zia Orphanage graft case. Following the announcement of the verdict, Khaleda held a meeting with the national executive committee of BNP. No clear decision on the movement or election was taken during the meeting. Amid such clutter of leaders and activists with no unity in sight, BNP announces about the Sylhet tour on February 5. Khaleda will begin her tour by visiting the shrines of Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) and Hazrat Shah Paran (R).

BNP is yet to decide on joining the polls. During the executive meeting, BNP made it clear that the party will not participate in any national election under a party government. This brings up the question, is BNP fooling AL by demanding for a supportive government? Will BNP explain the party stance as a part of the movement? Will BNP join the election even Khaleda is imprisoned and therefore it has kicked off its election campaign?

However, the hardliners of BNP are denying such possibility by saying, ‘If Khaleda is imprisoned, it will be difficult for BNP to take part in the election.’ Then why does Khaleda want to make a tour to Sylhet? Senior leaders of the party do not even have the answer to this question.

A senior leader said, ‘I have heard that praying in the two shrines can fulfill the desire of one’s heart. Madam probably will repent before she goes to prison.’ However, a supporter of Tarique Rahman has said, ‘The 30 January attack on prison van has created an image crisis for BNP. To retrieve our lost image, Madam is going to Sylhet. It will rejuvenate our workers who are in hideout for a long time.’
But, why is Sylhet her only destination?

No BNP workers or leaders have the acceptable answer. In politics, Khaleda always follows the footsteps of the current PM Sheikh Hasina blindly. Khaleda is following the footstep of Sheikh Hasina and going to Sylhet.

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