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Madam, aren’t we human beings?

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Published on : 03 February 2018, 09:52 PM
Madam, aren’t we human beings?

BNP grassroots leaders have urged to change the ill, ineligible, and fledgling leadership. They stressed, ‘Half of the members of BNP’s standing committee are unable to walk freely. They need to take rest at home. We should bring leadership that can work day and night for the party.’

During the meeting of the executive committee, the district level leaders of BNP said, ‘We must identify the traitors before we start our movement or there will be consequences against our interest.’ Another grassroots-level leader said, ‘Our leaders are not brave enough to participate the movement physically, rather they are more interested in joining roundtable events and bragging about toppling the government- doing nothing else.’ They said this after today’s (February 3) national executive committee`s meeting at Hotel Le Meridien.

Most of the grassroots leaders criticized the role of the current standing committee after the lunch break. They expressed, with such leadership, the party cannot function properly. One local leader said, ‘Four seats of the standing committee remain vacant to date. Moreover, three other members are not in good health, they barely can move. And some members are not interested in the movement.’

Another leader said, ‘It’s not that we are unaware of the illegal dealings that our central leaders making with the government. We receive reports of our leaders getting loan waivers and joining in secret meetings with the government at night. Therefore, we must be well prepared before we drag the movement on the streets.’

A leader from the southern part of the country said, ‘There is no specific direction from the party. Our leaders are even unaware of what is going to happen next. We utter the demand for a supportive government repeatedly but we do not know what this supportive government is about.’ He added, ‘One part of the party is saying that we won’t take part in the next election, whereas the others have started election campaign in their respective constituencies. We must sort out such confusions first.’

A leader from the northern part of the country said, ‘It has been nine years since we left home. Many of our leaders have been killed or disappeared.’ Pointing at BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia, he said, ‘Madam, let’s do something. Let’s announce and be an opposition party or let’s start a movement and topple the government.’

A district president of BNP said, ‘How are you, madam? I am seeing you after two years. How can we begin a movement when the leader and workers of the party meet after such long time?’ He said again, ‘We are the workers of the party. Our leaders do not take us as human beings. When we call them, they show their busy schedules. Madam, aren’t we human beings?

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