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Abandoned but beautiful cities around the world

Published on : 03 February 2018, 09:08 AM
Abandoned but beautiful cities around the world


The first epithet that may come to mind after watching these cities would be beautiful, tranquil, haunted. These places may be inhabited by many people, but with the evolution of time they are abandoned now. But in their deserted condition, their beauty has not diminished. Today we will mention some such places, which still attract people with their serene beauty even after being abandoned.

Craco, Italy

Craco, the beautiful city of Italy, was a castle city.  The city was built on a cliff due to security reasons.  But the issue of tackling natural disasters was avoided.  As a result, the extra warning of this security eventually ruined the city. In the meantime, from 1892 to 1922, the downfall of agriculture became the main problem of the city. Besides, after frequent earthquakes and landslides, the residents came down to the flat lands. Since 1963 the city is abandoned. The attraction of the now-empty city is the old church of Santa Maria.

Ghost Island, Japan:

Although presently known to the world as Ghost Island, the original name of the island of Japan is Hashima Island. Mitsubishi Company created this small town in Nagasaki Island. The first high-rise buildings in Japan`s history are located here. The island was home to some 5,000 people. But it was abandoned since 1974 due to lack of features available for living. Because of various spooky events related to it, it is also referred as ‘ghost island’.

Bodie, United States:

Bodie was one of the richest cities of 1880 in California, USA. This city of gold mine was the most modern and incomparable. There were 60 elite saloons in the city. Along with that, hospital facilities, fire services and accessory facilities were also available then. Since the gold mine was abandoned, the city was also abandoned since 1942. However, the abandoned city is now free for all.

Kolmanskop, Namibia:

Kolmanskop is a small town in Namibia. The city established by German was once famous for its precious minerals, including diamonds. Established in German construction style, this city introduced the first tram system in Africa. After the end of the mineral, the importance of the city decreased. After the invention of diamond mine in the neighborhood, the businessmen started leaving the city. As a result, the festive Kolmanskop ended up in becoming a desert. The city has been abandoned since 1956. The residents of this place are now just a few birds and violent African hyenas.

Oradour-sur-Glane, France:

Another city that has witnessed the horrors of war is France`s Oradour-sur-Glane. During World War II, Nazi soldiers completely destroyed the whole city, including 642 civilians. The city was abandoned since 1944. Burnt buildings and cars still carry the signs of such destructions to its visitors.


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