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Who is Tarique playing for?

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Published on : 02 February 2018, 10:03 PM
Who is Tarique playing for?
 “Who is Tarique Zia playing for? Which agent does he actually belong to? What’s his agenda?” These questions are being raised by the faction of intellectuals who support BNP and representatives of the civil society. They think, BNP is about to lose another ‘great opportunity’. That is why the faction of BNP intellectuals has refrained from making any public statement or program regarding the graft case verdict of Begum Khaleda Zia, scheduled to be given on 8th February. Responsible sources of BNP have confirmed the news. 
The bloc of intellectuals and civil society members who support BNP is strongly against any field activity concerning 8th February. Former VC of Dhaka University Dr. Emajuddin Ahmed was contacted by several BNP leaders. They visited Dr. Emajuddin to decide the next move of the intellectuals after the verdict. But the eminent educationist said, “I’m very sick.” 

Likewise, the BNP allied teachers of Dhaka University including Dr. Mahbub Ullah are divided on whether or not they should be actively participating in the movement. They opine, “BNP’s strategy is neither clear nor concise.” Several teachers think, “Creating mayhem and terror in the name of political movement will not be accepted by the common people.”

On condition of anonymity a BNP allied teacher said, “We don’t know anything how the movement is going to take place. We heard Tarique Zia is planning the movement. Is he the only ‘pundit’ here? He knows and understands everything, and we know nothing. We aren’t asked to give our opinion. Aren’t we educated enough?” 

A prominent professional leader voiced his reluctance in the movement. He says, “This time the party doesn’t need our advice. He is doing everything alone. But see, in the 90’s Madam discussed everything with the teachers, agriculturists, doctors and the people of different professions for guidance. She finalized the arrangements on their opinions. Such initiative is nowhere to be seen this time.”
Another teacher said, “We heard all Tarique loves is money. Those who love money, can do anything. Is Tarique now selling BNP for money?”
One of the prominent BNP intellectuals Dr Mahbub Ullah thinks, “BNP should immediately affiliate people of all the professions to create a national unity. Only then BNP will be able to succeed.”

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