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“People cannot think beyond AL-BNP”

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Published on : 21 January 2018, 10:08 PM
“People cannot think beyond AL-BNP”

Dr. Muhammad Yunus reportedly has rejected the proposal of leading a platform which will be responsible to resolve the political crisis over the upcoming parliamentary election of the country. Muhammad Yunus reportedly said, “Taking such initiatives is worthless. The people of this country cannot think beyond Awami League (AL) and Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP).”

A political crisis looms over Bangladesh as the election period is approaching.To resolve the ensuing hitch, a quarter of the civil society took the initiative to form a “Civilian Platform” which would enable the political parties to have a discussion as well as form a civilian charter. The initiative has been adopted by Dr. Badiul Alam Majumdar who is the Founder Secretary of Citizens for Good Governance-Shujan and the CPD’s former executive director Dr. Debapriya Bhattacharya. The first condition of an election, they think, is the participation of all the political parties of the country.

The initiative’s prime goal is to ensure a civil approach for a free, fair and participatory election in 2018. The initiators of the platform think that a free and fair election is compulsory to ensure the civic rights of the common people.

The platform opines that the outline of an election-time government should be chalked out to limit the power of the Election Commission, as well as to keep the black money lords at bay. And to do so, the platform thinks, it is important to have dialogues between the political parties.

The platform has charted a ‘civilian’s proposal’ to initiate talks with political parties. Besides, the initiators have also chalked out detailed strategies to create public awareness and mindfulness about the voters in support of their demands.

But the problem has arisen regarding the selection of a leader of the platform. None of the initiators have the persona to hold discussions and arguments with the two leaders of the two main political parties of Bangladesh.

After contemplating a lot about the issue, the initiators went to Dr. Muhammad Yunus. However, Dr. Muhammad Yunus not only rejected their proposal but also discouraged them. Dr. Yunus reportedly said, ‘’The civil society had yet not been able to reach the common people. Before taking such initiative, you will have to become more people-friendly. Otherwise, you have to suffer the rage of the political parties.’’

Dr. Muhammad Yunus added, “The political parties do not appreciate the educated people, rather they honor wealthy folks.”

It is yet to be seen where the initiative heads towards after the platform was rejected by Dr. Muhammad Yunus.

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