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Elvis Presley`s birth anniversary today

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Published on : 08 January 2019, 08:12 AM
Elvis Presley`s birth anniversary today


His music teacher once said, "This boy will not be able to sing." But at one point in time, this boy opened a new chapter in the history of `Rock and Roll` music from the fifties to the seventies. He is regarded as the `King of Rock and Roll` or just `The King`. The ballad style songs from his harmonious voice that expressed loneliness, hopes, perturbation, dreams, and love fascinated innumerable music loving people. This popular singer, who did not participate at any concert outside the United States apart from Canada, still managed to enchant millions of people is Elvis Presley. And today is his 84th birth anniversary.

Elvis Aaron Presley was born on January 8, 1935, in the city of Mississippi, Tupelo, U.S. Since childhood, he grew with a huge fascination on music. He won a musical competition at the age of ten, and soon after he received a guitar from his mother as a gift. Presley family moved to Memphis in 1948. After passing High School, Elvis got himself involved with various jobs. At the same time, he continued his guitar practice as well.

In 1954, he made a successful debut as a singer with `Rockabilly` music—a mixture of country music and R & B (Rhythm and blues) genre. After getting his first record, he drew the attention of the record company owner and `Rockabilly` enthusiast Sam Phillips. He recorded several songs of Elvis - which achieved immense regional popularity. Shortly after, music enthusiast Tom Parker took over the responsibility as the manager of Elvis. In 1956, his first `Rock and Roll` song `Heartbreak Hotel` brought him international fame. Since then, he became the icon of rock music.

His first film, `Love me tender`, was released in late 1954. Elvis has acted and sung in more than 30 films.

Many elite clans and music artists including world-famous band `The Beatles` consider Elvis Presley as their mentor. He is the only music artist who has anointed himself in `Rock and Roll`, `Rockabilly`, `Country`, `Blues` and `Gospel`. He has been awarded the Grammy Award three times.

This rock and pop icon of the twentieth century died on August 16, 1977, at Memphis, Tennessee at the age of only 42. Although the cause of his death was recorded as a heart attack, many people thought that Presley`s addiction to medicines led him to an untimely death.


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