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Birthday of ‘King of Pop’ today

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Published on : 29 August 2018, 08:07 AM
Birthday of ‘King of Pop’ today

Today, August 29, marks the 60th birth anniversary of "King of Pop" Michael Jackson. Without a doubt, it is one of the most remarkable dates in the world of music.

Unquestionably, the singer was one of the most recognized and successful pop figures around the globe of all time. His songs continue to play with the same tinge and his legacy is still alive.

The musical idol was born on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana, under the name of Michael Joseph Jackson. His musical life began at an early age because of his father`s impulse. Joe Jackson, his father, formed a band with his children in which Michael was the lead vocal and the best dancer.

His father tried to form a successful band and he did it, but it was not a very pleasant path for his children or at least for Michael. The now considered King of Pop could not hide the pain of remembering the tremendous beatings that were unleashed against his children when they did not do what he wanted. 

But Michael was never interested in being a part of the band as he had to sleep in hotels during tours which he never liked. He wanted to live his childhood like a normal child. He wanted to be Peter Pan.

The family band published ten albums and survived 15 long years. However one may see this band, it was undeniably the springboard to Michael’s solo career.

The King of Pop came to the limelight in 1982 when he released his Thriller album. The album remained as the best seller album for decades until it was displaced by `Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)` by the band The Eagles.

In 1984, Jackson was hired for a television commercial that turned out to be tragic. During the recording, the set was burned and he suffered severe burns to his scalp that involved grafts and the formulation of medications to relieve pain. From there, he began his addiction to analgesics.

However, it did not prevent him from releasing one after another new album. Bad, Dangerous, Immortal, Off the Wall, Invincible and Twelves are some of his released albums.

The impact of this album allowed him to break the racial barriers through his appearances on the US network MTV, which in the eighties was forced to broadcast videos of black artists, due to the large number of requests that people did want to watch the videos of the King of Pop.

He stood out for his energetic choreography and the famous moonwalk. He came to be recognized as the best musician and dancer of all time according to a survey conducted by the official website of Rolling Stone magazine.

The world of music will never forget him for his contribution to the music industry. Like his famous moonwalk, he remains as the most popular pop star to date.

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