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Legendary filmmaker Bergman

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Published on : 14 July 2018, 08:02 AM
Legendary filmmaker Bergman

Today marks the 100th birth anniversary of one of the world`s most influential and elegant filmmakers Ingmar Bergman. On this day of 1918, he was born in Uppsala, Sweden. Bergman has left the signature of his achievements in films, theater and television. He is famous for his versatile camerawork, fragmented narrative style and expressing man`s loneliness, weakness, and suffering.

Bergman grew up in a religious Lutheran family. The effect of which is clearly seen in his work. His created character is seen searching the relation of human work with God. His characters have never been shown as extra pious. Besides, the effects of religious art related issues are found in his work. Graphic presentation of the Bible story, or the visual aspects of the church, him most.

In 1937, Bergman was admitted to the University of Stockholm on Art, History and Literature. There he involved with the varsity’s theatre group and started writing and directing dramas. He got the offer of appointment as a fulltime director from Helsingborg City Theatre shortly after being appointed as a Trainee Director in Sagas Theater. Here, he got the chance to meet Carl Anders Dymling, the chief of the Svensk Filmindustri and because of his patronization Sweden`s famed director of that time Alf Sjöberg work with Bergman`s script.

Because of the good response of that movie, Bergman got the chance to work with his own screenwriting in 1945 in the following year. But the initial works of Bergman failed to attract people’s attention. He was able to grab the limelight again in 1952 for `Secrets of Women` and `Summer with Monika`. These two films were considered as Bergman`s first mature work. `Smiles of a Summer Night` movie in 1955 brought Bergman first international success. Then, in 1957, he became well-known in the international arena through his blockbuster `The Seventh Seal` and `Wild Strawberries`.

He made ` The Virgin Spring` in 1959 on the transformation of the medieval social system into Christianity. This movie has won Oscars in foreign language movie category. In the sixties, Bergman made two trilogies. The first trilogy includes -`Through a Glass Darkly`, `Winter Light` and `The Silence`. The second trilogy includes - `Persona`, `Hour of the Wolf`, `Shame`.

Bergman`s `Fanny and Alexander` movie had a theater manager`s dialogue: "My only talent is that I love the little world inside the theater`s wall. I love those who work in this little world. The outside world is so big. Sometimes the little world can reflect the big world. Then, with that little world, we can understand the big one."

Bergman was such a master who could present such reflection. Bergman died in 2007 at the age of 79. And his magical creations have matured over time.