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8 women accuse Morgan Freeman of harassment

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Published on : 28 May 2018, 12:41 PM
8 women accuse Morgan Freeman of harassment


The US network CNN published an investigation in which it consigns the testimonies of 16 women, of which 8 accuse the actor Morgan Freeman of inappropriate touching, sexual harassment at work. 

All incidents took place on the set of his films, as well as during promotional activities of his production company Revelations Entertainment.

"He commented on our bodies ... we knew that if he was coming by... we should not wear any garment that shows our breasts, or anything that shows our butts, that is, nothing that fits us," said a woman member of the production of the film "Now you see me" (2012).

The CNN investigation also cites a young production assistant of the film "Going in Style", a comedy starring Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin, who claims to have suffered months of harassment by Freeman, who subjected her unwanted touching and comments on her body.

She continued, “Once Freeman kept trying to lift up my skirt to see if I was wearing any underwear. I never let him be successful lifting my skirt. But, he kept trying. At one point, Alan (Arkin) told him to stop and Freeman got freaked out and didn’t know what to say.”

Of the 16 who gave their testimony for the investigation, 7 argued that one of the incidents took place in the presence of Lori McCreary, co-founder of the Freeman production company.  

Four people who worked more than 10 years ago with Morgan Freeman in production positions described their behavior as uncomfortable for women during the work.

According to CNN, representatives of Morgan Freeman have not responded to the calls that have been made.

Several workers of the company of Freeman who were confronted by CNN did praise the actor and assured that they never saw strange behaviors. The investigation, however, also notes that CNN journalists reported receiving uncomfortable comments during press conferences.

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