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Untimely departure of Bollywood stars

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Published on : 26 February 2018, 08:17 AM
Untimely departure of Bollywood stars

The morning of 25 February started with devastating news for the movie lovers of the subcontinent. Veteran Indian film actress Sridevi died of a heart attack in a Dubai hospital while attending a family wedding. The 54-year-old super star`s death news shook everyone. Not only her fans from the subcontinent but fans from all over the world still cannot accept the sudden departure of their beloved actress. This premature death of Sridevi reminded us of how weak we are to death.

The sudden departure of Sridevi is not new in the history of Bollywood. Earlier, Bollywood had mourned in sudden demise of many famous stars. A lot of talented youngsters who stormed the silver screen had fallen before they could shine properly. Today we will talk about the fallen stars that have left at a tender age.

Divya Bharti

On 5 April 1993, around 11 PM, the renowned actress Divya Bharti fell off the balcony of her fifth-floor apartment and died. The reason for the tragic death of this superstar, at the age of 19, is still in mystery. The investigation over her untimely death was closed in 1998 by Mumbai police and the reason for death was stated as accidental.

Zia Khan

Zia Khan`s sudden death in 2013 was like a bolt from the blue for Bollywood. After releasing her first movie, ` Nishabd`, she was titled as an `uncut diamond`. But she did not get the chance to become a complete diamond. Only at the age of 25, she committed suicide by hanging herself in her own house. Although her family continuously claimed that she was murdered and her the then-boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi and his father Aditya Pancholi are behind her murder.

Smita Patil

The tragic incident of the Indian movie industry was the death of talented actress Smita Patel. Both in art films and commercials, she achieved the ultimate success. This talented actress died at the age of 31, in 1986, due to complications during the birth of her son Prateik Babbar.

Meena Kumari

Meena Kumari died after three weeks of the release of her career`s best picture `Pakija`. The actress died of liver cirrhosis at the age of 39 only.


Actor Madhubala, who became famous for her outstanding performance in `Mughal-e-Azam` died of a heart attack shortly after her 36th birthday in 1969.

Silk Smitha

Silk Smitha is one of the victims of the deep darkness behind the dazzle of the silver screen. This renowned actress of the South Indian film was once faced with financial crisis, separation, and alcohol addiction. At the age of 36, she committed suicide.

Sonika Chauhan:

The tragic death of model, actress and TV host Sonika Chauhan was one of the tormenting events of last year. The actress, who was set to get married in a few days, died in a road accident in Calcutta just at 27 years of age.