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Country remembers beloved Humayun Faridi

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Published on : 13 February 2018, 08:03 AM
Country remembers beloved Humayun Faridi

Pahela Falgun (first day of Spring of Bengali month Falgun) is not a pleasure for everyone. There are many who still find it difficult to accept the departure of the legendary actor Humayun Faridi. At least for them, today is an elegiac day. Six years have passed since their beloved actor has left them.

Today is 13 February. In 2012, actor Humayun Faridi died on this day. He was popular in film, stage and television. He was called the artisan of acting. In the drama and cinema of Bangladesh, he is remembered for his extraordinary acting skill and contribution.

Apart from being a powerful actor, he has another dignified identity to showcase his singularity. He is a freedom fighter. In the Great Liberation War of 1971, the young Faridi, who got admitted at the University recently fought against the enemies of the country. This great personality was born on 29 May 1952 in Narinda, Dhaka to ATM Nurul Islam and Begum Farida Islam’s house. He was a student of Islamia Government High School. After passing the secondary level, he studied in Chandpur Government College. He got a post-graduate degree in economics from Jahangirnagar University.

Faridi was discovered by dramatist Nasiruddin Yousuff, who went to serve as a judge to Jahangirnagar University where a play written, directed and acted by Faridi was staged. Faridi was one of the principal organizers of the 1976 Drama Festival of Jahangirnagar University. He got membership of the Dhaka Theater in his student life.

In the middle of the seventies, he started his journey through stage and TV drama. After performing in films, television and stage, he took a permanent seat in the minds of many audiences. Humayun Faridi has shown a great level of skill in portraying different types of characters, be it a hero or a villain.

In the TV drama, he first appeared in the `Nikhoj Shongbad`. He is seen as a performer in the classical play like Keramat Mangal, Kirtankhola, Muntasir Fantasy, Hath Hudai by Selim Al Deen. In the drama `Songsoptok`, he took his own role as `Kan Kaata Ramzan` to the unique height. In the nineties, he entered the film industry. Humayun Faridi`s first acted film is `Hulia`. The notable films he acted are Shyamol Chhaya, Joy Jatra, Aha!, Hulia, Ekattorer Jishu, Dohon, Shontrash, Bachelor etc. His notable TV dramas are Nil Nakshar Shandhany, Durbin Die Dekhun, Bhangoner Shabdo Shuni, Bhober hat, Srinkhal,Kothao Keu Nei.

Humayun Faridi acted on the silver screen for more than a decade. He received the National Film Award in 2004 and Ekushey Padak (posthumous) in 2018. Jahangirnagar University authorities honored him on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the institution for his outstanding contributions to Bengali silver screen.

Humayun Faridi stirred up in stage, television and cinema, and became immensely ore popular with all the spectators through all outstanding performances. There was a time when TV drama meant only Faridi. That time people would just go to the cinema halls to see the performance of Humayan Faridi.

Faridi is an integral name in the silver screen of Bengal. His sudden departure caused an irreparable loss for Bengali culture. Faridi will remain unique and inimitable because of his work. In the death anniversary of this legendary actor and freedom fighter, we remember him with respect.

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