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Today marks Arthur Miller’s 13th death anniversary

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Published on : 10 February 2018, 08:00 AM
Today marks Arthur Miller’s 13th death anniversary

The playwright, who shook the US platform in the twentieth century, is Arthur Miller. Miller clearly expresses his views through his powerful and narrative stories and dialogues. Today is the 13th death anniversary of this great playwright. He died on this day in 2005.

Arthur Asher Miller was born in New York`s Harlem on 17 October 1915. Miller`s mother had a garment factory and his father was also a businessman. But due to the Great Depression of the 1930s, the family of Miller lost everything. Since then, Miller has had intimate relation with poverty.

Poverty influenced on Miller`s personal life and his writing. In the characters of his plays, the frustrations have come up. Miller worked in a warehouse for a few days after passing the school. After accumulating some money he got admitted at the University of Michigan. From there, he started writing his plays.

Arthur Miller`s first play "The man who had all the luck" was staged in Broadway in 1944. But Miller`s first play failed to get a response. The play is taken away from Broadway just four weeks after the lack of audience. Miller was quite disappointed due to the failure of his first drama. As a result, he moved away from writing.

Three years later, Miller tried again on his writing. He came back on stage with his `All My Sons`. This play brought Miller`s New York Drama Critics Circle Award in 1947. Miller was influenced by Henrik Ibsen in writing this play.

Then, in 1949, Miller`s most popular drama `Death of a Salesman` was staged. Miller`s first three plays have a common feature. In all the plays, the relationship between father and son has been given importance. That`s why Miller`s three plays are called `Thematic Trilogy`.

The story of the family came repeatedly in Miller`s play. Miller received the Pulitzer Prize for his `Death of a Salesman` play. Due to popularity, the film and TV series were also created with the story of this play.

After the success of `Death of a Salesman`, Miller wrote his political drama `The Crucible` in 1953. The drama is written from the 1950s anti-communist American perspective. The drama was staged at different times throughout America.

For `The Crucible`, Arthur Miller had to face the verdict in 1956. The charge of contempt of court was brought against him. Later, he got an opportunity to appeal. In the same year, in 1956 Miller married actress Marilyn Monroe. Six years later, they got a divorce. That year, Monroe starred in her last film, whose script was written by Arthur Miller. Monroe`s body was recovered from her flat in the year 1962.

Other important works of Miller include After the Fall, The Price, The Archbishop Ceiling, The American Clock, The Ride Down Mt. Morgan, The Last Yankee, and Broken Glass.
Originally written for the stage, but movies are also made on Arthur Miller`s story. A film was made on the story of his play `The Crucible` in 1996. Daniel Day-Lewis and Winona Ryder starred in `The Crucible`. Miller received Oscar nomination for the best screenplay for this film.

Miller was an outspoken excellent playwright. His plays that prioritize human emotion were able to attract people. On his death anniversary, we remember this great playwright with reverence.

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