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Online Baishakh shopping

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Published on : 11 April 2018, 08:34 AM
Online Baishakh shopping

Baishakh, the first month of Bangla year, is only 3 days away and the country will begin celebrating the day with the Mangal Shobhajatra and other activities. People across the country will come out wearing traditional colorful dresses and spend the day with their close ones. Also, traditional foods like panta-ilish (a combination of rice soaked in water overnight and fried hilsa), Chira, Muri, Gur, Khoi, Kodma, Batasha and many more on the occasion of PahelaBaishakh will fill the dishes on this day.

So, shopping different things ahead of Pahela Baishakh is necessary. But shopping is not an easy thing when one lives in a city which remains jammed in heavy traffic. It gets more difficult when someone has a busy life. Like Mrs. Rahman, who has two kids to struggle with and of course, the office work. She cannot manage an evening and spend it for shopping. Still, Mrs. Rahman is not worried about shopping because she has its solution, probably the ‘best’ alternative- online shopping.

Online shopping in Bangladesh is becoming increasingly popular with the growing internet penetration and helping to save time. In recent years, Facebook, the social media giant, has played an incredible role in boosting online entrepreneurship.

What Mrs. Rahman does is just visit the website of an online shop and click on the products she would like to order, and the delivery guy brings the product she ordered to her door.

‘Customers are now getting the benefits of online shopping. But yes, you need to double check. I can tell you I’ve both good and bad experiences in terms of online shopping. Quality matters. This is an area which deserves serious attention to make this growing industry sustainable,’ said Mrs. Rahman.

Moreover, the online shopping world sometimes offers great discount on the products. The special occasions like the Pahela Baishakh surely come up with huge discounts on products.  

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