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Published on : 12 July 2019, 06:39 PM
Today in newspapers

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Kaler Kantho

City Corporation not getting effective medicines for mosquitoes!
Recently, the increase of Dengue and Chikungunya due to the spread of Aedes mosquitoes has created new panic in the capital. The city corporations are using ineffective pesticides to destroy the mosquitoes. They say they still do not find new effective pesticides.
Concussions of climate change
Challenge must be faced
Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries of global warming and climate change. The vast coastal areas of our country are at risk of submerging. In order to reduce the loss of climate change, we need to show more activity in adaptation and mitigation.
Fear of militant attack again!
No alternative to rigid operation
Although many members of the militant organizations were killed due to the activities of law enforcing agencies in recent times, the secret organizational activities of militants proved that their activities did not stop. Though they are being held strongly, they are still trying to become active. There is no alternative to taking more stringent activities in this situation.


Conference to begin on Sunday
DCs want bank and university
District administrators have proposed to set up a separate bank and a specialized university for the officers working in the administration cadre. Besides, 333 proposals have also been received for the five-day DC conference starting on July 14.
Murder and rape in irresistible speed
Where is our society heading to?
Recently, murders and rapes have become a regular occurrence. In fact, society has now moved to a place where judiciary will not be of any use. The whole thing has become the subject of a major research. Now a well-research by the country`s sociologists-psychologists is needed, in where they can explain the causes of human maleficence and suggest remedies.
Procrastination in the appointment of doctors
Reduce bureaucratic complications immediately
It is unfortunate that the decision to appoint 10 thousand doctors in two years due to bureaucratic complications is not yet implemented. This will make it difficult for the government to ensure the health care of the countrymen. Besides, the recruitment deprived physicians will also get frustrated. In order to ensure people`s healthcare in the country of 16.50 crore, a large number of doctors are required. If they are not appointed in time, it will have a negative effect on people`s health. Policymakers will have to understand it.


England in final beating Australia
The English players forced them to design their World Cup jersey like 1992`s World Cup. They last played in World Cup final that year.  England were ferocious at Edgbaston yesterday (Thursday). They finally made history by winning against Australia by 8 wickets.
Blow of Tk 355 crore
After a long-term effort, the `lethal` Dichloro diphenyl trichloroethane-DDT powder is finally being destroyed. This powder had been imported from Pakistan during Ershad`s rule under a project of mosquito eradication. Afterwards, the use of such toxic powder imhas been discontinued worldwide, due to serious harm to public health. The powder that was imported in exchange of Tk 3.5 crore now requires Tk 355 crore to destroy.
Expectation-despair in politics
M. Hafizuddin Khan
The path of good political practice in our country has been uneven for a long time. After many adversities and obstacles, we hope that our politics will not go astray because politics in democracy is the only means of achieving people`s rights. The achievement of our politics is not low, and likewise the sacrifice is not less. We have to move forward following our achievements.


8,848 Bangladeshis in jails abroad
As many as 8,848 Bangladeshis are imprisoned in various prisons and detention centers in many foreign countries across the world. Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen said, "It is the foreign ministry’s top most priority to bring back the Bangladeshis from foreign prisons."
Govt plans to produce 1165 MWs more power this year
By the year 2030, the power production will be increased up to 37,000 MWs following the demand of 29,000 MWs. The running projects are enough to meet the public demand for more ten years. That is why, power cell has recommended not to take any further project.
Why mathematical formula of trade favors China
Kaushik Basu
There are many issues on which the US should take a strong stand toward China. But raising tariffs should not be America’s strategy in this case, especially now that China has moved largely to a market-based exchange-rate system.

Desh Rupantor

Field administration wants more power and facilities
The deputy commissioners from across the country have submitted a list of demands to the cabinet division seeking more facilities and powers for the field-level administrators. They have asked for appointing a ‘specialized police force’ for their overall security.
Cabinet expansion tomorrow
State Minister for Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Imran Ahmad will be elevated to the rank of a minister. Fazilatun Nessa Indira, a leader of the ruling Awami League’s women’s chapter, has been chosen as the state minister.
Not population, human resources needed
Population is still a big problem in Bangladesh. The increasing number is affecting our socio-economic life. To achieve the country`s overall development, this population should be turned into human resources.

Shomoyer Alo

Reshuffle to take place in organizational leadership of AL
The reshuffle in the cabinet to facilitate works in ministries will take place after the October council as per the directive of the Prime Minister. Sources confirmed that the posts of two organizing secretaries, and even the post of general secretary are on the list. New faces may get appointed in the new cabinet.
Embezzlement case of Tk 400 crore, 11 get prohibitory order to leave country
The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has prohibited 11 accused of Citycell scandal to leave the country. In 2017, a case was filed against Citycell for laundering Tk 400 crore. AB Bank was held responsible for unlawfully granting the huge amount of loan.
Confusion or no confusion
The country should be run by democracy. India is known as one of the largest democratic countries of the world. But we are not learning from our neighboring country. Sometimes we get confused about the definition of democracy.
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