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Published on : 10 July 2019, 03:11 PM
Today in newspapers

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Kaler Kantho

4 lac residences of two cities at Dengue risk

Dhaka`s two city corporations have no program to control Dengue virus`s carrier Aedes mosquitoes being born in the clean water of the public residences. As a result, 4 lac residences of two city corporations under the threat of Aedes mosquito infestation.

Rohingya repatriation

China to play role in creating safe environment

China will offer cooperation to create a favorable and safer environment for the repatriation of Rohingyas currently staying in Bangladesh. It has been clearly stated in the joint statement of Bangladesh and China after the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina`s visit to China last Saturday.

Occupying land in guise of cultural studies

Hundreds of acres of land in Savar`s Birulia have been illegally occupied by the land grabbers. They didn`t even spare the open water reservoir. Local residents and landlords cannot stand in front of occupying forces. Several GDs and complaints have been filed in Savar police station, still this problem is not getting any solution.


Capital`s traffic congestion and water logging

Remove sufferings of the city dwellers

Dhaka is known as the city of traffic congestion. And the water logging makes it a town of stagnation. It is true that public transport can easily operate if the rickshaw movement is closed on the major roads. But stopping rickshaws without taking alternate arrangements increases the problems even more. We believe that the decision to reduce the traffic congestion should be implemented wisely.


Bangladesh Bank`s initiative

Tk 3,000 crore for restoring Basic Bank

Bangladesh Bank has exempted more than Tk 3,000 crore to bail out the state-owned Basic Bank facing a downfall due to extensive corruption. The discount is given for the next six years. However, the concerned people say no action has been taken against anyone responsible for this situation.


Money embezzled through fake tender

Transparency in purchasing hospital`s machinery should be ensured

ACC investigation found major corruption in purchasing machinery for Satkhira Sadar Hospital and Sadar Upazila Health Complex. According to the investigation, Tk 16 crore 61 lac from Tk 18 crore 87 lac has been embezzled through a staged tender. We hope that the punishment of criminals will be ensured through the legal action taken by the ACC against this corruption.

Insecticide-resistant mosquito

Everyone must be alert and responsible for preventing Dengue

The issue that has become important in the case of Dengue fever is that all types of mosquitoes have become resistant to pesticides currently available in the country. If the appropriate pesticides are not made available, the number of patients infected with mosquito-carried bacteria will increase in the country.


Rain makes hindrance in semi-final

Everyone was worried about rain than playing in this cricket World Cup. New Zealand-India match of the semi-final had to face this barrier yesterday. New Zealand had to stop at 211 in 46.1 overs. The umpires announced the conclusion of the play for eh day at 6:15 pm local time. This incomplete match will be resumed today (reserved day) at 3:30 pm.

Case investigation must be complete quickly

Children and women rape incidents

Recently several incidents of child and women rapes have happened in the country including in the capital. The sources said police have taken an initiative to investigate the cases of rape within the fastest possible time. The investigating officers of the sensational case of child abuse and abuse of women are called to the Police Headquarters to inquire about the progress of the investigation.

APR incoming instead of ACR

International standards of evaluation in progress to evaluate bureaucrats

A decision has been taken to implement an international standard for proper evaluation of the work of bureaucrats. For this purpose, the draft of the Annual Performance Report (APR) form has been finalized instead of the Annual Confidential Report (ACR). It is learned that the Ministry of Public Administration will be conducting workshops on the evaluation procedures of the officers of the United States, Japan, Singapore, Norway and India in the current month.


This country has no place for rapists

Abdul Mannan

Pakistan ranks first among the 40 countries notorious for child rape and Egypt is in second place. Bangladesh is not on this list. But the current signs indicate that Bangladesh will not take much time to get into this list. Enough is enough. People of the country want the `Mujib country` back. 30 lac people didn`t sacrifice their lives to make this country a safe haven for the rapists.

Desh Rupantor

City traffic falls due to blockade

Commuters found themselves in huge trouble as the protests continued for two days, with rickshaw-pullers occupying the streets at Kuril, Badda, Rampura and Malibagh, Shantinagar, Banasree and other important areas forcing commuters to walk.Traffic jam created by the blockade spread across the capital.

PM orders to separate lanes for slow-moving vehicles

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has directed to build separate lanes for slow moving vehicles on highways to avoid road accidents.Also, the highways will be widened for further safety.


Why Chittagong goes under water always

Bangladesh’s biggest port city Chittagong, in particular, lies in one of the most vulnerable spots as the city areas go under water every time following a downpour. On Monday, due to heavy rain many commercial and residential areas got water-logged, causing residents to suffer immensely.Unplanned urbanization is mainly responsible behind the crisis.

Shomoyer Alo

Tk 4000 for a Catheter Mount worth Tk 1

Accusation has been made that a so-called company, having no office for itself but only telephone numbers, got a work order (worth TK 7 crore) for purchasing medical equipment for the National Institute of Neurosciences and Hospital (NINS). Tk 4000 has been spent for purchasing a Catheter Mount which costs only Tk 1 in retail market.

Mayor Khokon offers tea invitation for discussion

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) mayor Sayeed Khokon invited the rickshaw-pullers, who are protesting the ban on plying of rickshaws on city roads, for tea at Nagar Bhaban in the capital.


PM’s China tour

Faridul Alam

PM Sheikh Hasina`s visit to China has reassured that the economic and political relations between two countries would be stronger. In the current critical global situation, the visit has played a significant role. All praise goes to Sheikh Hasina for her diplomatic role in keeping balance between the counterparts, China and India.

Bangladesh Pratidin

Anarchy in Turag riverbanks

Detailed Area Plan (DAP) has restricted to build establishment over certain areas. Also, the river-filling is restricted in those areas. Some corrupt influential agencies are involved in river-filling, going against the law.

Some OC-DC think themselves as landlords: HC

The High Court yesterday commented that some deputy commissioners and officers-in-charge of police stations consider themselves as landlords and act as if they are “all in all”. Rejecting the bail petition of OC Moazzem, HC said “The humiliating questions that Nusrat was asked cannot be acceptable."


Regarding unrecognized money and legal property

Md. Shahabuddin Chuppu

The budget scope has been increased to remove black money from market. Black money is the cause of terrorism financing and money laundering. Due to unrealistic system of financial and tax management, government`s plan has not been implemented properly.


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