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Published on : 15 June 2019, 04:40 PM
Today in Newspapers

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Kaler Kantho

Road Development Project

Roads and Highways Department wants more money without spending previous allocations

Determining expenditures without visiting the project areas is responsible for the increment of total expenditures on road development. Now a project has been found in the Roads and Highways Department, where the allocated money in the current year is not even spent till April last. But the respective authority asks for Tk 32 crore more money showing several excuses. 

VAT on online purchase in digital era

In the proposed budget, `Social Media and Virtual Business` has been targetted to bring the advertisement of various online media including Facebook, YouTube under VAT purview. There is a proposal to impose a 7.7 percent VAT. 


Murders are increasing

Keep an eye on law and order situation

The increasing number of criminal activities in different parts of the country created panic among the people. Bangladesh is showering with positive opinions in the international arena. The deteriorating law and order situation in such condition will bring a negative impact on the country. 


No provision to reduce discrimination

Khondokar Ibrahim Khaled

We had a great expectation in this budget that there will be a special initiative to decrease economic discrimination or income-based discrimination, but we have to be frustrated. The high disparity in our country is visible. Bangabandhu, however, dreamt of a discrimination-free society. He used to oppose income-discrimination. This budget could not have played an effective role in this regard.


Per capita loan is Tk 67 thousand

Currently, every citizen of the country has a loan of 67 thousand 233 taka each which has increased by about Tk 7 thousand as it was Tk 233 in the last year. In the next one year, the per capita loan status will stand at Tk 72 thousand. For this reason, the government has kept the third highest allocation for repayment of interest in the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2019-2020.

Budget proposes Tk 47 thousand crore loan proposal from banks

Fear of lowering debt flow of private sector

In the proposed budget of the new fiscal year, the government has set a target of borrowing more than Tk 47,000 crore from the banks. Bankers and economists have expressed their apprehension that this would negatively affect the private sector when it will come into effect.


Budget 2019-20: Implementation requires political will

Experts mentioned that there are many challenges ahead of this year`s budget. We hope that the government will not hesitate to take any action according to the rationality of the proposals that will come up in the parliament including tax proposals. In order to address the challenges of implementation of the budget, the government will have to reflect the sincerity and political will.

Murder of murder case witness

Law and order situation will have to be improved

A key witness of murder case was hacked to death by miscreants in Natore`s Gurudaspur. This kind of news proves that the country`s law and order situation is not in good shape. The fears in the public life are rising. People are facing brutal fate for simple reasons. The situation will have to be improved.


Budget welfare oriented

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said the proposed budget is people welfare-oriented. If this budget is implemented then the country will be more prosperous. Everyone will benefit. Expecting the price of the goods will be tolerable if the new VAT law is implemented, the Prime Minister said, revenue collection will be increased not only pressurizing people but also by involving all of them.

Ambitious and loan-dependent budget: BNP

BNP has termed the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2019-220 as `ambitious` and ‘loan-dependent`. The party said that this budget has been made to provide benefits to a government-backed class. The budget did not meet any expectations of the people of Bangladesh.


Budget 2019-20

Initiatives needed to meet the challenges

According to critics, middle-class will be under pressure in this year`s budget. The rich and poor got the attention though. Regardless of opinion, there is no disagreement on the fact that our economy is moving forward. At the same time, challenges of development are also getting importance. We hope that the necessary steps will be taken to implement the budget and to overcome its challenges.


Progressive Bangladesh! Ridiculous expectations!!

Ajay Dasgupta

Despite some minor mistakes, our economy is on the right track. But by looking at the mistakes, we should not look down on our achievements. Two prominent economists of the country once said how would you think that the GDP growth of Bangladesh will be 7 percent? Now, we are also thinking of 8 percent to 10 percent GDP growth. So, we should believe in the development of our country.


Budget to be companion of progressive Bangladesh

This was the first instance in the country’s parliamentary history where a prime minister unveiled the budget. PM pledged to work for the implementation of the budget. She urged all concerned sectors to work to achieve the goal.

Power sector to be responsible for 82% losses of public sector

Experts say that the loss has occurred due to selling to the customers at a lower price while buying electricity at a higher rate from the rental power stations. It could be prevented if BPDB bought electricity at a lower price from quick rentals. Due to their inability they are facing losses every year. 

Jesmin Moly


Absence of credible plan to invite economic challenges

This year`s budget again is a part of bureaucratic continuity. There are no strong guidelines to deal with the economic challenges; such as reducing financial risks, preventing discrimination, creating new growth drivers, and making poor-friendly growth process.

Dr. Hossain Zillur Rahman

Where does US`s tradition of democracy go?

Donald Trump, the unpredictable, was never a Republican. Still he competed in the election on behalf of this party and is now driving the party like Trump Tower. What surprises us most is the activists and senators are treating him as the king!  

Mahmud Reza Chowdhury

Shomoyer Alo

Public welfare-oriented budget

PM Sheikh Hasina said that the budget is fully public welfare-oriented and the proposed fiscal measures and allocations would propel the economy to benefit people in every sphere of life.

Dengue fever outbreak causes panic in capital

In the last one week, more than 100 patients were admitted in different hospitals of the capital due to dengue fever. Doctors suggest avoiding all medicines except paracetamol. 

M Mamun Hossain


Market commotion not to be accepted

Finance minister unveiled a Tk 5.23 lac crore spending plan for fiscal 2019-20. He has assured his countrymen that there will be no price hike of essential commodities after the budget. A successful budget implementation is expected from the government. People of this country must not tolerate any unrest in the current market.

Bangladesh Pratidin

CPD criticizes budget to facilitate beneficiaries

“The proposed budget will go in favor of the people who are beneficiary of economic misrule and it is a matter of our grave concern,” Dr. Debapriya, distinguished fellow of CPD, commented.

Bangladesh aim to win

Tigers must keep in mind that they have to defeat West Indies anyhow. Even if the opponents score 500 runs, we have to make 501. We have to show the strength to fight back.


Days of fighting

Zakaria Chowdhury, former advisor of the government of Bangladesh, was involved with many historic movements of Bangladesh. He got involved in the movement against British government when he was just a school student. He talks about his memories of struggle while battling against exploiters.


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