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Published on : 13 June 2019, 04:17 PM
Today in Newspapers

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Supplementary duty embraces major change in supply sector

Government has finalized amendment of supplementary duty in 25 types of products. There will be no supplementary duty on natural gas to reduce the production costs.

Noab: How realistic are the proposals of 9th Wage Board?

At present, the newspaper industry is passing a harder time than at any given point of time in the past. In such a situation, 9th wage board has recommended an unrealistic proposal with an 85% wage hike which will create a bigger crisis for this industry.


Consumer’s budget consideration

The consumers must try to establish good governance in order to ensure quality development in logical expenditure to make all the sectors corruption free. Otherwise, the problems in the power and energy sectors will not be resolved.

M Shamsul Alam

Desh Rupantor

Journey of challenge through unfavorable way

According to finance ministry, although this budget`s goals are far-reaching, they are achievable. There will be focus on the reformation of the financial sector, good governance in the stock market and many more.

Abul Kashem

Public works ministry takes advantage of Parjatan

In the last six years, Bangladesh Service Limited (BSL), under Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism, has suffered huge losses while running BICC. Now they have proposed public works ministry to work jointly.

Tofazzol Hossian Rubel


Hope for implementable budget

There is always a complaint about unsuccessful budget implementation. The quality of the project works should be ensured by ADP. We hope that the upcoming budget will be successful in fulfilling people’s expectation.

Bangladesh Pratidin

The ambassador to Bangladesh`s residence in Washington being used as a kitchen

Even after having allocated residence, the ambassador is living in a rented house which costs $8,000 per month. The state-owned home is being used as a kitchen which is gradually getting discarded due to abandonment.

Lavlu Ansar

Will never indulge in corruption, won’t let others become corrupted: Prime Minister

PM says that those who take and those who give bribes are equally responsible. Both parties will be held accountable and brought to book. Giving bribes is also a crime. Steps should be taken against all.


Where will a girl go?

Rape never occurs due to the problems of women rather it happens due to men`s psychology. Only men could stop this problem if they ever wanted.

Taslima Nasrin


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