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Published on : 10 June 2019, 03:23 PM
Today in Newspapers

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Kaler Kantho

Scope being made to avoid VAT money

10,000 to get EFD out of 30 lac business establishments

National Board of Revenue (NBR) is taking initiatives to use technology in the next fiscal year to bring transparency in VAT collection. However, in the new fiscal year, most businesses are not getting the benefit of using that technology. As a result, the businessmen will get the chance to find options not to give VAT this time.


Mismanagement in VVIP flight

Check the reasons for the mismanagement

In recent times, many irregularities and mismanagement of Biman got revealed after various scandals. In addition to various irregularities, Biman is not following their Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in the VVIP flights. Such mismanagement in VVIP flights of a state-owned company is not acceptable. We hope that all the truth will be revealed through a fair investigation.

Patients suffering at DMCH

Take action to overthrow circle of leg man

Patients and their caregivers often suffer because of bad persons. There is a complaint, the hospital authorities know about their immoral activities, but they are not interested in taking any action against them. DMCH is considered a refuge to poor patients, so, measures should be taken to keep this hospital free from illegal exploitation.


Letter from Delhi

Biggest challenge is financial matters

Jayanta Ghosal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given importance to the financial matters after assuming office for the second term. He realizes there is some uncertainty in the development of the economy. So, he is thinking of introducing some moderate reforms in this regard. The negative challenges of the financial situation of the country are the harsh reality. Now the biggest challenge to the new government is the financial challenge.


New taxpayers will be 80 lac

Announcement of 80 lac taxpayers in the upcoming budget (2019-2020) is coming up. At present, there are 20 lac taxpayers. Additional 80 lac taxpayers have been targeted reaching the total number to 1 crore. This initiative has been taken to increase the tax purview, not the tax rate.

Industrial and infrastructure development: capital market to increase capital supply

Efforts have been made to develop a strong capital market to increase the supply of capital at low interest to set up industries and infrastructure. From here, the entrepreneurs can withdraw capital from different bonds on easy terms. These bonds can be traded at any time in the capital market. The country`s most prominent companies have the preference to raise capital from this market.


Success in reducing child mortality rate

Other rights of the child will also be upheld

Recently, a Save the Children report said that Bangladesh has shown the best success in reducing child mortality in South Asia in the last two decades. Although this progress manifested our achievement, still there are many reasons to worry about overall child conditions of the country.


Let the budget be equal and work for public

Manju Ara Begum

With the announcement of the huge budget every year, the proper use of allocated money in the respective sectors should be monitored carefully. For this, the public welfare sectors should be prioritized. The development should spread all over the country. Not only that, the allocation for the development of backward areas should increase significantly.


Black money to be legalized after investing in industry

The government has been giving the chance to purify black money again amid widespread criticism. This money can be purified by providing 10% tax and making industrial investments. But this opportunity will be available to those who will only invest in the manufacturing industry. This opportunity will be given for the next year.

Agriculture allocation and subsidy increasing in budget

The government is taking positive steps in the agriculture sector in its first budget. The government is ready to increase subsidies and allocation in agriculture to develop this sector. In addition, the public-private partnership will also see an expansion.


Creative test method

Do not make students guinea pigs

Students are most affected due to the introduction of creative approach instead of the traditional system of learning. One study found that 40 percent of the teachers did not understand the creative test system well. In such a situation we expect that education ministry, education boards, education administration, and management to sit together directly and make the appropriate decisions for the students.


Why the path of democracy uneven?

Emajuddin Ahamed

Our political situation has been good for a very short period of time. Democracy only holds everyone`s expectations. But the issues that have to be present in order to establish democracy have been neglected since our country`s independence. Political stability can fulfill all expectations and united efforts can ensure this stability. Because democratic rule cannot be established by suppressing different opinions and establishing one-party rule.


Government earns double from gas sector within two years

Ministry of Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources has taken an initiative to increase the price of gas in spite of earning double of the previous income. Using the excuse of imported liquefied natural gas (LNG), the government is planning to shoot up the price.

Sumon Afsar

Myanmar denies taking back Rohingyas: PM

“The problem lies with Myanmar as they don’t want to take back the Rohingyas by any means though they signed an agreement with Bangladesh promising to repatriate them," PM said while briefing media at Ganabhaban on Sunday.


Worn-out urbanization due to lack of attention

There is anxiety about unplanned urbanization. What is happening is not poverty-oriented. Instead, anti-poor urbanization is taking place. The urbanization is not balanced. Also, it is not possible to create a productive labor-based economy from cheap labor.

Dr. Hossain Zillur Rahman

Storm in West Bengal: Accidental or suppositional?

The people of West Bengal have always elected their state party over the others. This election is no exception. But Lok Sabha election 2019 is the last opportunity for Mamata Banerjee and grassroots to maintain their credibility in the state and create a safe political environment for the opponents along with bringing their own party cadres under control.

Aslam Beg Sayem

Bangladesh Pratidin

Tigers to move on with Lanka mission

Bangladesh’s next match at the 2019 World Cup will be against Sri Lanka, which will be played at Bristol County Ground Tuesday. Preparations are underway for this match. Winning the second game against New Zealand could have inspired Bangladesh to reach the semi-finals, but winning one out of three against the tough opponents is actually not a bad result at all.


20-party busy with complaints, counter-complaints

The main member of the 14-party alliance, BNP is facing a crisis. There is tension both inside and outside regarding the leadership. Four MPs took the oath but there was no meeting held at the policy-making level. The allies are getting agitated regarding the disturbing situation.

Mahmud Azhar


Modi government and future India

With the previous slogan, `Sabkasaath, sabkavikas` Modi has added a new part, `sabkavishwas` which means, Modi government will not discriminate among the castes and will win the countrymen’s trust.To achieve the desired goal, India must fully uphold the values of its pluralism.

Maj. Gen. A K Mohammad Ali Shikder (Rtd.)

More diseases due to climate change

Due to climate change, the average life expectancy of poor people of the developing world is likely to get reduced. Besides, there are risks of various dangerous health problems such as pest-borne diseases, bacterial and viral infections, heat stroke, malnutrition, birth defects, brain disorders, and mental and social problems.

Professor Dr. ABM Abdullah

Shomoyer Alo

Upcoming budget with surprises

Finance minister said that the next budget for fiscal 2019-20 would be more people-friendly and smart through ensuring smooth implementation of the development projects. All sectors will be touched like electricity, business, remittance, development, investment, etc. Special importance will be given on the unemployment problem, investment, and tax.


OC Moazzem must get punished: Home Minister

Minister said, "Whoever is involved with crimes will have to face punishment regardless of his or her position. If the former OC went into hiding, it will take some time to find him but he must face the trial"


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