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Published on : 09 June 2019, 02:46 PM
Today in Newspapers

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Kaler Kantho

Why frequent security breaches in PM`s flight?

Even after taking intensive security measures, several unexpected incidents are taking place in Biman`s VVIP flights. Recently, the allegations of negligence in the implementation of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of the aircraft have arisen after Biman`s pilot went to Doha without a passport to fly the PM back home. Security guidelines for VVIP flight by the intelligence agencies are sometimes being neglected.

`Nusrat style` murder attempt

Four men wearing Burqa have been accused of trying to murder a tenth grader by setting her on fire. The victim`s father has lodged a case at Rajbari police station over this issue. The concerned authority said that the police are trying to arrest the accused.


Brick-kiln filling the rivers

Prevent this destructive trend

Although it is said that Bangladesh will survive if the river survives, but in reality, our administration is unable to take effective measures to prevent the illegal occupation of the rivers. Recently, Khulna district administration has given license to 117 brick kilns. But in fact, the number of brick kilns in the district is more than that, most of which are illegal. The owners of these kilns are continuously encroaching the rivers using their influence.


Sheikh Hasina`s five proposals and reality

Abdul Mannan

On the last day of Japan tour, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh presented a keynote paper in an important international conference, where she talked of an advanced Asia. To get Sheikh Hasina`s expected Asia, we will have to look at some essential issues of globalization. Good governance, participatory democracy and freedom of expression must be ensured in this region. Uninterrupted regional peace can provide a prosperous Asia, as expected by Sheikh Hasina`s Asia.


Where teachers don`t understand, what will happen to the students?

Students are facing a dilemma in several public exams after the introduction of the creative questions one by one, without properly training the teachers. Confusion over the creative question method has had a serious impact on the results of the secondary exam this year. The crisis of skilled and qualified teachers on creative question papers has made this situation worse.

Upazila elections

Awami League`s five MPs against the boat

Awami League failed to bar revolt within the party keeping upazila election ahead. Many MPs do not obey the party`s decision. Some of them publicly support the rebel candidates standing against the party`s nominated candidates.


Special privileges of loan defaulters got stuck

M Hafizuddin Khan

Those who did not repay the loans for a long period were given a major advantage through the issuance of the notification `Loan re-fix and one-time special pay-related policies`. But after hearing a supplementary application, the High Court blocked special privileges of the loan defaulters.

Increase allocation for health budget

Professor Dr. Kamrul Hasan Khan

According to data released by the UK-based medical and public health journal Lancet on June 2, 2018, Bangladesh stood ahead of India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal and Afghanistan, and below Sri Lanka and the Maldives in terms of healthcare opportunities and standards. The progress of the current health care is commendable. But to improve the situation, the allocation for the health sector should be increased in the national budget.


Leaders were not beside the grassroots in Eid

Leaders were not beside the grassroots in the first Eid-ul-Fitr after the national elections. Leaders were busy buttering the influential central leaders without celebrating Eid with grassroots. Many spend time with family. To avoid activists, many leaders disconnected their phone lines before Eid.

Pilot travels abroad without passport

Immigration officer faces temporary suspension

Immigration police`s sub-inspector Kamruzzaman has been suspended for negligence on duty over Biman pilot`s foreign visit without a passport. Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said, "We have learned that the pilot mistakenly flies without his passport. But since he was a pilot of the Prime Minister, he should not have made such a mistake. Immigration Police should have also checked him."


Prime Minister`s visit to Finland

International support is necessary on climate and Rohingya issues

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina talked to Finish President Sauli Niinistö on various issues including climate change and Rohingya crisis during her 5-day visit. During the visit to Finland, the Prime Minister has highlighted various activities of the government as well as various initiatives to tackle climate change issues.


Google-Huawei wrestling

Miftah Talha

In comparison to the massive trade war between China-US, Google versus Huawei conflict can be compared to wrestling. With a ban on Huawei, Google issued the first strike. Huawei announced the creation of its own operating system as a counter-defensive step.


Pressure of big industrial loans on banking sector

The existing rate of stressed loans in the banking sector is alarming. More than 20 percent stressed loan is not a sign of healthy environment for banks.The culture of impunity, political interference in approving loans and professional ineptness of bankers to deal with pressing issues have aggravated the already battered banking sector.

PM returns home, press conference today

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will address a press conference today to brief journalists about the outcome of her 11-day tri-nation official visit to Japan, Saudi Arabia and Finland.


Challenge to establish balance between state and market

Establishing balance between the state and the market has gradually become an issue.  Government agencies are more focused on the protection of private interests and private capital instead of the government organization’s security.

Mamun Rashid

Factoring for small entrepreneurs

Export policy has been advised to encourage factoring services in export trade. Domestic factoring is currently ongoing in Bangladesh, but international factoring is not being operated. However, the government is now trying to introduce factoring at the international level.

Ferdous Ara Begum

Bangladesh Pratidin

Shakib’s record fails to save Bangladesh

A steady century by Shakib Al Hasan even has failed to ensure victory for Bangladesh after a high-pressure chase of England’s highest World cup total. Due to poor fielding of Bangladesh, England had secured 20-30 runs more. However, the frustration faded away after watching Shakib’s magical batting.


Flat and land owners targeted to make more tax-payers

Government is planning to create new taxpayers in the budget. All the flat and land owners will be brought under this consideration. About 1 crore people will be brought under tax in the next fiscal year.

Ruhul Amin Russel


Worry synonymous to anxiety

Conscious awareness is needed for our own country, environment, culture, human beings, harmony, irregularities, honest ideals, honest policies, and all issues. Honesty is a must in this case. Then worry will not remain as anxiety.

Hanif Sanket

Health budget in Bangladesh

The budget goal in health sector should be to ensure affordable and quality health and family welfare services for all.We have weakness in our management system. The arrangement for the tender process should be more transparent with a quick implementation process. Intensive monitoring and follow-up procedures need to be more modern and realistic.

Professor Dr. Kamrul Hassan khan

Shomoyer Alo

15 lac admission students, anxiety about results and admissions

Government and non-government colleges are divided into three categories A, B and C. Dhaka Education Board also provides a list of the colleges that includes the admission criteria according to the merit.

M Mamun Hossain

Eid comes and leaves- BNP still talks about movement

BNP announced to stage demonstration after this Eid. But still there is no news of their movement. Grassroots are being restless regarding the matter.

Sabbir Ahmed


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