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Published on : 27 May 2019, 04:38 PM
Today in Newspapers

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Kaler Kantho

Have no trust in food products, necessity forces to buy them
Food adulteration and pollution caused fear among the people. Such a situation has emerged that people are not in a stage of eating anything with confidence. Consumers do not even get relief from buying noted brand products. They are forced to buy the products to meet the necessity.
Public expectations about budget
It should be employment and investment-friendly
It has been said by the government that the next budget will be formulated in line with the current development rate of the country. In this context, we hope the upcoming budget will be much more successful to fulfill the expectations of the people. The upcoming budget will be people-friendly, investment and business-friendly and above all will support development.
New bridges and flyovers
Will reduce traffic congestion
Newly built roads, bridges, and flyovers can play a major role in our regional cooperation in the socio-economic development of Bangladesh. Besides, these will play an important role in reducing the sufferings of the people by reducing traffic congestion.
Letter from Delhi
West Bengal now an important state
Jayanta Ghosal
Many people have blamed Mamata Banerjee`s excessive Muslim minority adulation policy for Trinamool Congress`s downfall in West Bengal. Also, the existing internal problems of the party also gave the hardliners of BJP access to West Bengal. In the current context, it is said that West Bengal has become an important state in Indian politics.


Not the farmers, the leaders are giving rice
According to the meeting of the planning and monitoring committee, 12.5 lac tonnes of Boro rice will be collected this season. But since the beginning of the campaign, the whole process went under control of the influential people of the respective areas. Farmers are unable to sell their products to government warehouses.
Death penalty in High Court pending
750 cases pending for judges` deficiency, High Court only has three benches for settlement
There have been cases of death penalty pending for years in both the divisions of the Supreme Court. As a result, both the plaintiffs and the defendants have got frustrated after not getting the verdict in time.
Achievement of Chittagong Police
After 150 cases of theft!
Recently three thieves got caught by the police after a month of their recent venture in a transport agency located at Kadamtali, Chattogram. They claimed to have commited 150 stealing events together.  In most cases, the police officers showed apathy on taking action against such theft. But in this case, Chattogram police showcase their efficiency by catching the rogues.
Dhaka City
a city of magic though....
The topic that determines the livability of a city includes the political and socio-economic conditions, education-culture, entertainment, services, and ecosystems. Needless to mention, the positive achievements of Dhaka in these areas are gradually decreasing. The ancient city of magic is becoming poisonous losing its charm.


Does educational development lie is numeric change?

A large number of educational institutions have been established but quality of teaching is still questionable. Due to the low-quality standard, the educational base is weakening. According to World Economic Forum, Bangladesh is at the bottom of South Asia in educational quality.  

Saif Sujon

Sonali Bank earns 4% of target from loan defaulters

The bank has failed to recover the bad loans and on top of that the new loans are getting defaulted. The liquidity conditions are also deteriorating.

Hasan Adnan


To be ahead of other competitors one has to be expert in economic diplomacy: Dr. Zahid Hossain

In the interview Dr. Zahid talked about Bangladesh`s challenges such as per capita income, growth rate, trade policy, discrimination, role of policymakers, job creation, and many other things.

M.M Musa, Ruhina Ferdous

Shomoyer Alo

2000 educational institutions to be brought under MPO

Teachers and employees will get the facility of MPO from next July. In the MPO policy the age limit and retirement age of the teachers and employees have been included. For considering the MPO for the institutions, several criteria such as the distance, number of students and public examination results have been given priority.

M Mamun Hossain

Court receives investigation report of Digital Security Act case

OC Moazzem was convicted under the Digital Security Act in connection with publishing the footage without Nusrat’s consent and spreading it on social media. However, PBI did not find the proof of OC’s involvement in making the video viral.


How Modi`s victory to affect Bangladesh-India relationship

Modi taking the power in second term will solve many bilateral issues. Generally, there is not much to worry regarding the bilateral relations. However, Modi’s election manifesto contained some anti-Muslim points, which can be a big issue if implemented. Any kind of communal thinking must be prevented.

Tareque Shamsur Rehman

Bangladesh Pratidin

Public Universities fail to secure place in ranking

Bangladesh’s universities failed to secure any place in the international university ranking. There is an allegation that the quality of our universities is not as per with the global universities. The scope of research is insufficient in the universities in Bangladesh.

Julkar Nain

14 instructions given to secretaries to speed up administration process

In the meeting held on May 12, there were discussions about implementation of the election manifesto, strengthening the monitoring of priority projects, ensuring security of important bodies, resolving the issue of manpower crisis of the government agencies, and taking coordinated activities to combat disaster.Later, on the basis of those opinions, 14 instructions passed in the meeting were sent to the secretaries in the form of a decision.


Why does BNP depend on London?

There is a plus point for BNP in Bangladesh politics. The groups and people against Awami League are in search of a potential political platform. They will take the opportunity.

Maj. Gen. A K Mohammad Ali Shikder (Rtd.)


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