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Published on : 24 May 2019, 04:52 PM
Today in Newspapers

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Kaler Kantho

`Modi Hatao` boomerangs!
Jayanta Ghoshal, New Delhi
The political arena thinks that the way the opposition parties campaigned in the elections with the slogan `Modi Hatao, Desh Bachao`, it gave the whole election a Modi-centric form. The oppositions could not form a federal front unitedly. In contrast, Modi turned the slogan into his campaign tool tactfully. It appears that he got more votes in those states where Modi was personally attacked.
Mamata `s survival in West Bengal
Left`s votes wasted
Anita Chowdhury, Kolkata
The main reason for the unthinkable success of BJP in West Bengal is the continuing failure of the left parties. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the left parties got about 30 percent of the votes, which has dropped to around 7 percent. On the other hand, BJP`s vote rate was 17% in 2014, which has increased up to almost 40%. It is clear from the fact that almost 23% of the BJP`s votes have come up after the voters who used to support left parties.
Irregularities in building construction
Take legal action
A report published by RAJUK has revealed the horrific irregularities in the construction of buildings in the capital and its adjoining areas. Most of the building owners visited by RAJUK have not been able to show any kind of design paper. Apart from this, the fire safety system of the buildings is also defective. It is necessary to take action against these building owners. But some question about how the owners got the courage to construct such buildings in front of RAJUK needs to be answered.
University Rankings: According to the country`s people
Muhammed Zafar Iqbal
No Bangladeshi university got a place in the international ranking. The university teachers and students are not responsible for this shame, the university authorities and the University Grants Commission are responsible! The vice-chancellor is the sole authority of a University. It is not possible for common people to imagine how much power they have. Since a university`s education, status, research future heavily depends on a VC, then it can be easily said that proper recruitment of a VC can assure the university`s future. Now the point is if the vice-chancellors of the universities are being appointed properly?


Will solve the unresolved problems with Bangladesh: Veena Sikri
With the groundbreaking victory of the BJP-led coalition, all the problems that are unresolved with Bangladesh will be solved. There will be a lot of things in the two neighboring countries over the next five years. During the Modi regime, many unresolved problems with Bangladesh have been resolved. The sharing of Teesta`s water just remains unresolved. But since BJP got a creditable result in West Bengal, the pending issue will be settled easily.
BJP`s absolute victory
The principles of India remain unchanged
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to form a government for the second time in the world`s largest democratic country after the BJP-led NDA alliance won an absolute majority in the Lok Sabha elections. Extremism is not acceptable in the politics of a secular and democratic country like India. We hope that India will not move away from its principles. This is also valid in relation to the neighbors.
Corruption in charging in air route
What is happening in Biman and civil aviation?
Currently, there has been a complaint against the civil aviation authority that a circle embezzled a huge amount of money by giving permission of non-schedule flights to the preferred companies to use airspace for Bangladesh. The complaint against civil aviation authority is serious. The ACC has already started an investigation on this issue. It is necessary to take legal action against the involved people after the overall investigation.


Modi retains his post
The 68-year-old Narendra Modi not only retained his post but also has increased it through his charisma. Modi has now surpassed himself. In the 543-seat parliament, BJP alone got more than 300 seats. Through their huge victory, the party devastated India`s aristocratic Congress.
Rahul-Priyanka failed
India`s oldest party Congress has not faced much of the challenge since the country`s independence due to the strong leadership of the family members of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. But after 2014, the party faced double defeats in Lok Sabha elections. The grandchildren of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi could not stop the downfall. So, the arrows of the party`s failure are targeted to them.
The message conveyed by Modi`s victory
 Dr. Delwar Hossain
India`s 17th Lok Sabha elections are considered a milestone for the country`s politics. In the 2014 elections, BJP has given priority on good governance and eligible leadership, but in the coming years, the party has prioritized tremendous nationalism and communalism, which will not bring any good result for the country. It can also have an impact on regional politics. Although, during Modi`s first regime, many ideological, sensitive and negative tendencies in India`s internal politics did not have much impact on foreign policy, so it is hoped that in the foreign policy, the Modi government will maintain its previous state.
India`s election and security issue
Ishfaq Ilahi Chowdhury
What will be the result of the re-election of hardliners Narendra Modi and Amit Shah`s BJP to India`s neighboring countries will be understood in the future. We expect, whatever the result is, in reality, this huge victory will make BJP and Narendra Modi liberal and democratic. We hope his government will pull out the communal forces` spree and will take initiative on improving relations with the neighboring countries.


Harijan`s short life span
Maximum suffer from breathing problems which affect the respiratory system. Mainly they suffer from various complications of skin and lungs. Moreover, they are reluctant to take medical treatment. No security tool is provided to the servicemen at work.  
Sujit Saha
Lower proportion of tax-GDP: Administration to take liabilities or tax-payer?
This condition has emerged due to the lack of skill in revenue management. In this situation, more reforms should be made. Both the administration and tax-payers will take responsibility. 
Badrul Alam
Rising need for environment-friendly seafood and entrepreneurs and consumers’ duty
Consumers all over the world increasingly expect that the seafood they purchase – whether at a grocery store or a five-star restaurant – qualifies as sustainable. Despite its swift rise, the sustainable seafood movement’s work is far from done. To safeguard the future of fish, more seafood businesses must commit to sustainability.
Teresa Ish, Henrik Österblom

Shomoyer Alo

Modi securing Delhi’s throne once again
The fate of half a million people of India is depending on Modi now. There are many challenges to take: Agricultural crisis, increasing unemployment and the threat of India`s continued progress towards economic recession and many more.
Paddy worth of 1040 Tk per maund: Government decides to purchase from farmers
Mill owners get the full facilities given by the government depriving the farmers. Recently in the meeting of the parliamentary committee of the food ministry, it is decided that the government will buy directly from the farmers to give them the fair prices. 
Rafiqul Islam Sabuj
University ranking: In countrymen’s eyes
Since a university’s welfare, future progress depends on the vice-chancellor, he/she must be eligible for the post. At present, the VCs are skeptical which creates a barrier in our progress. 
Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal

Bangladesh Pratidin

Mamata in shock, seats dropped to half
Of the 42 seats in West Bengal, the Trinamool Congress got 22 and BJP 18. The analysts think that the result is a big jolt for Mamata. 
Good relationship will be maintained
A healthy relationship will be maintained between Bangladesh and India. The election result shows us some hope to implement the issues of the bilateral agreement between the countries.  
C.M. Shafi Sami
Tax increase on paddy import
The farmers must get a fair price. In the last 10 months, a large amount of paddy has been imported from abroad. The farmers are not getting fair price due to the import. NBR has decided to increase taxes on the import. 
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