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Published on : 23 May 2019, 03:26 PM
Today in Newspapers

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Kaler Kantho

Most of the 1,818 multi-storied buildings of the capital have defaults
Owner of 475 buildings could not present the design
Most of the 1,818 multi-storied buildings under the RAJUK (Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha) have defaults. Five types of defaults were found in the buildings. Apart from this, 478 buildings were constructed without any design or violating the design. The owner of 475 buildings could not show the design to RAJUK.
No doubt about the relationship
Dhaka focusing on new government`s policy
Whatever the outcome of India`s election, the concerned people are not expected to have any such impact on Bangladesh. According to them, in the last decade, bilateral relations have reached such height, where Bangladesh and India both expressed their positive attitude to keep the momentum. Apart from this, maintaining continuity is one of the most important issues of India`s foreign policy.
Fear of the rise of sea level
Take action to reduce carbon emissions
According to environmental experts, if carbon emissions occur at current rates, global temperatures can increase up to 5-degree Celsius by 2100. In that case, sea level height can increase from 62 to 238 centimeters. And if the height of the sea surface increases, low lying lands like Bangladesh will be facing grave danger. To overcome the emergence of destruction, the developed countries need to come forward to reduce carbon emissions.
Time to fight against white nationalism has come 
Ahmed Rafiq
The emergence of nationalist sentiment and nation-state in Europe has created the background of white supremacy. This destructive mentality is harmful to human civilization and progress. White nationalism is a curse and works against democracy and humanity. The humanist world must stand united and vocal against this horrendous practice.


Complaint against civil aviation authority
Extreme corruption in collecting airfares
ACC investigating the case 
There have been allegations of corruption in the use of air route. Providing the non-scheduled flight permits to some preferred companies for using the air route of Bangladesh, a circle is earning worth millions. The Civil Aviation Authority has made such a secret agreement without the approval of the finance ministry. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has already started a massive investigation on such a serious allegation.
Recommended industrial credit fund: There will be positive impact on economy
The government could not compel banks to give loans at a single digit even after providing many facilities. In this context, initiatives have been taken to create a special fund for industrial sector loans. Besides, arrangements for effective monitoring of banks have also been taken. If these two initiatives are implemented properly, it will be easier to get industrial credit available. And it is expected to have a positive impact on the country`s overall economy.
Development of coastal areas is important
M Amirul Haque Parvez Chowdhury
Due to geographical location, 147 upazilas of 19 districts of Bangladesh are naturally located in the coastal area. As 25 percent of the country`s residents live on the coast, the coastal region has contributed 25 percent of GDP of the national economy. Considering these issues, it is necessary to think about the construction and renovation of the dams to protect coastal areas right now. If the protected and rich coastal areas are built, the quality of life of the people will improve.
Still relevant `be human again`
AKM Shamsuddin
Due to lack of rule of law and the government`s unilateral policy, the violence of the ruling party`s affiliated organizations across the country has reached such a stage that the common people have become helpless today. The recent assault of a teacher of Pabna by BCL is the latest proof of our helplessness and insecurity. This scenario is quite similar to a post-liberation war movie named `Abar Tora Manush Ho`. Though there was controversy over the film, an open fragmentation of the overall stalemate of a war-ravaged country was reflected in the film. 


Taka 131 crore for training abroad!

During the implementation of the second unit construction project of government-run Eastern Refinery, 873 officials and employees of different ministries have been scheduled to get training and study abroad. Tk 131 crore 77 lac has been allocated for their overall training procedures. Experts have questioned the rationality of spending crores of taka only in training.
Bangladesh Water Development Board`s dam in Koyra
Stop contracting trade
Contracting trades is common in the long run. This phenomenon is proven once again in the construction of a dam of Bangladesh Water Development Board in Koyra of Khulna. The concerned authorities are fully aware of the weaknesses of the project and its overall devastation caused by this process. Still, no action is taken against this mismanagement.
Who will tame the sufferings the farmers?
Abu Sayeed Khan
Although the country got the bumper production of rice, still it is being imported from abroad. Meanwhile, the farmers are not getting the fair price of their production. And the government started procuring rice at a time when the rice was already taken by the middlemen. As a result, farmers also do not get any profit. In this case, we have to do what it needs for the benefit of the farmers. Because, if the farmer does not remain protected, the country will starve.
BNP in grip of octopus
Mohiuddin Khan Mohan
Due to the absence of leading leaderships, BNP is constantly getting weak. In the absence of faith, respect and coordination among the leaders and activists, the party is facing real stalemate. The chaos and intrigue caused by disagreements in the BNP-led alliance is also increasingly intensifying. There is no doubt about the fact that BNP is well trapped in the grip of the octopus of various problems and crises. How the party can recover from this situation is a matter to see now.
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