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Published on : 22 May 2019, 05:20 PM
Today in Newspapers

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Kaler Kantho

High Court blocks special privileges of loan defaulters

The High Court has directed to maintain status quo on the effectiveness of the circular issued by the Bangladesh Bank giving special privileges to the loan defaulters. The directive will remain effective till 24 June. As a result, there was no scope for disbursement or waiver of any kind of loan on the basis of that circular.

Coming budget

Freedom fighter`s allowance increased by Tk. 2000

The next fiscal year (201-20-20) budget will increase the monthly allowance of freedom fighters to Tk 2 thousand for each. In addition to this honor allowance, these brave warriors of the country will enjoy other benefits in the budget. This will cost the government an additional Tk 500 crore.


Manpower export is down

Need to find new markets

Due to various crises, the employment opportunities of Bangladeshi people in the Middle East and other countries of the world are decreasing. As a result, a huge manpower is remaining unemployed. To overcome huge unemployment, employment should be increased in the country, besides emphasis should be given on strengthening Bangladesh`s labor market abroad. For this, the concerned ministry will have to be more active.


India`s election and Bangladesh

Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury

Bangladesh has nothing to worry on the result of India`s election. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has a friendly relation with both BJP and Congress. She successfully adheres to the foreign policy based on "Friendship to all and malice towards none".


Leaders are busy with themselves

The teacher organizations, plagued by various conflicts and crises, have not been able to play an effective role in resolving their professional problems. Besides, their political affiliation and greed are making the organizations` structure more vulnerable.

Posting at Directorate General of Health Services violating ECNEC`s decision

Several officials recruited as director and line director

Several officers have been posted at Directorate General of Health Services violating the rules. The allegation has been raised that this posting has been conducted violating ECNEC`s decision. Although it was said that this posting will bring speed in work, but the recruited officials got themselves involved in conflict immediate after getting the posts.


Police outrage in Bhaluka

Undesired behavior

On Monday, hundreds of business establishments of Seed Store Bazar, Habirbari, Bhaluka have been attacked and vandalized by a few members of industrial police. Such arrogance of some members of law enforcement agencies raised many questions. Although industrial police are separate units, any wrongdoing of any of them is harmful to the image of the whole police force.


Politics of votes

Serajul Islam Choudhury

The politics of two major parties in Bangladesh is vote-oriented. They prefer to assume power or survive in any manner. But they are not raising the issue of economic freedom. They do not think about the problems of their people, rather they prioritize personal and party interests.


Special funding for industrial credit

Good organizers will get a single digit loan. Bangladesh Bank is working to develop a policy. The government has taken a special initiative to reduce the interest rate of the business loans of the commercial banks. A fund will be formed as part of it. This fund will provide loans to entrepreneurs with low interest.


New guidelines to reduce interest rates

Implementation has to be ensured

Financial institutions division of the Finance Ministry on Monday issued a new guideline regarding the interest rates on banks. It says that those banks who do not provide loans at 9 percent interest rate will not receive government funding as deposits. Irregularities and corruption will reduce the liquidity crisis of the banks. As a result, it will be easy for them to bring down the interest rate on a single digit.

Instructions related to educational institutions

They have to comply with the court verdict

Government rules regarding educational institutions and the verdict ordered by the High Court for the welfare of the students at different times have sometimes been neglected due to the excessive greed of the managing bodies of the institutions. In this case, to adhere to the order of the High Court, educational institutions require necessary monitoring and other measures.


Citizen pension should be introduced

Zakaria Shadhin

Citizen pension can give salvation to a citizen from abusive helplessness. If the citizen pension is given under social safety net especially when a citizen becomes incapacitated, they can spend his/her last phase of life with respect and satisfaction.


Board members’ conflict in Pubali Bank

In the last meeting of the bank`s board of directors, the directors’ interactions were contradictory to each other. Arguments have taken place about the upcoming chairman election. Finally, M Azizul Huq has been unanimously elected as the chairman.

Hasan Adnan

HC halts special facilities to loan defaulters till 24 June

The High Court asked the Bangladesh Bank to halt the circular announcing the special facilities for loan defaulters until June 24.  On that circular BB announced a set of concessions to loan defaulters, including regularization of bad loans with a 2 percent down payment.


Deprivation behind the scene of development

Bangladesh has made commendable progress over the past few years in achieving food security, despite several limitations. Besides, Bangladesh has the story of sufferings and deprivation. Rangpur is the most poverty prone area of Bangladesh. If a balanced development had taken place all over the country, Rangpur and many other regions would not see this day.

Dr. R M Debnath

Professor Asgar Ali

Professor Asgar Ali was a language activist as well as an ideal father to his offspring. He was born in a remote village of East Bengal and became the witness of history fighting against various obstacles.

Anu Muhammad

Shomoyer Alo

Unrestricted approval of bar license

When various initiatives are taken to prevent the availability of drugs, DNCC itself is approving license of bars. At least 25 bars are given licenses in exchange of huge amount of money and influential pressure.

Alamgir Hossain

Special facility for loan defaulters halted

HC asked the Bangladesh Bank to halt the circular announcing the special facilities for loan defaulters until June 24 which announced a set of concessions to loan defaulters, including regularization of bad loans with a 2 percent down payment.


Buy from farmers directly at fair price

Even though the media is concerned about the cost of rice production, no effective action is taken from the government till now. The government must understand the farmers’ sufferings and make sure that the farmers get fair price.

Bangladesh Pratidin

Farmers in frustration

Farmers are in a state of distress facing crises everywhere. Bumper production of paddy failed to give them satisfaction.  In Kushtia, record quantity of paddy is produced, but the farmers are frustrated with the price. They complained about not getting fair price.

67 domestic industries hostage under Mafia

Using the advantage of the goods importation policy, raw materials are being imported in surplus in order to sell them in the black market. A few cases were caught by bond officers though most of them remained behind.

Saidur Rahman Rimon, Ruhul Amin Russel


BCL’s pride being devasted

This BCL activists can hit the female activists but are unable to fight risking their life. They are ruining age-old historical image of BCL. Election must take place every year to prevent this anarchy. The conference of BCL must take place from the grassroots to the national level. A former leader like Obaidul Quader can take the responsibility to guide the new committee.

Peer Habibur Rahman


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