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AL to rip farmers’ paddy

Published on : 22 May 2019, 05:15 PM
AL to rip farmers’ paddy

Awami League leaders and activists have been asked to stand beside the country`s farmers. Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has given this direction, responsible sources said. According to the sources, the Prime Minister instructed the general secretary in this regard. The PM said, AL leaders and activists will voluntarily cut the paddy where the farmers are unable to procure laborers or unable to pay their wages, sources said.

Dissatisfaction has been prevailing among the framers over the collection of the price of rice during this harvesting season. Farmers have been protesting throughout the country.  The opposition parties are trying hard to give this issue a political form. In this context, PM Hasina urged the party`s leaders and activists to lend their help to the farmers.

According to the relevant sources, PM has given the necessary instructions and action plans to the agriculture and food minister so that no situation can be created with the purchase of rice. She instructed AL to take effective measures in this regard at the union level through the organizing secretary. According to sources, Awami League president gave the order to form a committee in this regard at the union level. Awami League will monitor the overall process of ripping and the selling with the farmers. According to the sources, PM said, no farmer can set fire in his paddy field. There must be the third person behind the scene. PM instructed to stay alert so that no one can misinterpret this incident.


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