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Published on : 16 May 2019, 04:49 PM
Today in newspapers

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Kaler Kantho

Government Titumir College

200 teachers and 26 classes for 56,000 students

Government Titumir College with 56,000 students is the largest college in the country in terms of number. There are about 200 teachers for 56 thousand students. That means, one teacher is available for 280 students; which is the world`s highest student-teacher ratio.


Farmers not getting rice prices

Collect directly from the farmers

Despite the huge production, farmers, however, cannot benefit due to decreasing rice prices. Because of the syndicate of the mill owners, middlemen and hoarders, farmers are forced to sell rice at a lower price fixed by the government. To overcome this situation, the government will have to buy rice from farmers directly.

Arson attack on Kalsindur school

Take immediate action to uncover the cause

Kalsindur school that shot Bangladesh women’s football to fame has faced an arson attack that damaged teachers’ credentials, the footballers’ certificates, resolution books, and many other important papers and medals. The school is now in the process of nationalization. Many of local residents suspect that somebody might want to stop the process that`s why they carried out the attack.


What`s the status of democratic practice in BNP?

Ahmed Rafiq

Tarique Rahman, a relatively young and accused of corruption, becomes the top leader and decision maker in BNP exceeding the party`s veteran and experienced leaders, following the dynastic political norm. In the absence of Begum Zia, party`s senior leaders are now accepting his leadership unhesitatingly. In the name of following the `chain of command`, the way BNP leaders and activists adhere to dynastic rule in the party, in such situation the practice of democracy is absolutely ridiculous here. Of course, expecting democracy from a party that originated from `cantonment` is also an idiocy.


Challenges of the expenditure of Tk 80 thousand crore in current fiscal year

The current fiscal year (2018-2019) is going to end by June. During this period, the ministries and the departments will have to spend around Tk 80 thousand crores to implement the Revised Annual Development Programme (RADP). Analysts express doubts over the fact that the quality of work may be prevented because of the rush.


Railway to start selling advance tickets from May 22

Railway authorities will start the advance ticket sales from May 22 on the occasion of holy Eid al-Fitr. In addition to collecting advance tickets from five stations in the capital, the passengers will be given the opportunity to get 50 percent of the tickets using a special app.This is expected to reduce the woes of the passengers on the occasion of the festival.


`Where heart is fearless, head is high`

Mainul Hosein

Politicization of all the professions cannot be democracy. Through the process, democracy has been weakened. If the people`s rule and democracy are to be given opportunity, the structure of the one-party system must be broken. Living in fear, insecurity is derogatory to an independent man. Freedom is synonymous to an independent life. We cannot deny our rights to justice and freedom.


Dishonest traders become reckless because of light punishment

Food adulteration

Due to lack of coordination among themselves, the organizations engaged in anti-adulteration campaigns cannot prevent adulteration in food even after taking many initiatives. Besides, laxity in enforcing laws and light punishment made the dishonest traders more reckless.

Target Rohingya women

A group is selling Rohingya women in Malaysia and Indonesia by tempting them of foreign jobs. This group that has already been able to build strong networks in four countries trafficked more than 400 Rohingya women in the last one year. DB Police have already identified eight people associated with the gang.


Government jute industry

The problem remains

Even after spending huge amount of money by government for the development of jute industry, the existing problems in this sector are not decreasing. Workers are protesting demanding their pending wages. If the Jute Ministry, Finance Ministry and BJMC do not try to solve the problems by identifying their roots, problems in the jute industry will remain unsolved.


Protest of the deprived of posts: Must go to the deeper of problem

Student politics

Abu Saeed Khan

Although Awami League acting general secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif termed the recent crisis of BCL after forming its central committee as `little incident`, in reality it is not very ordinary. Through this, the moral and ideological decline of student politics has been exposed. Ideal politics and practice of democracy both are needed to overcome these problems.


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