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Published on : 15 May 2019, 03:17 PM
Today in newspapers

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Kaler Kantho

Intermediaries getting all the profit and interest of rice

The price of rice in the country has decreased due to high production. Farmers are facing constant losses. Meanwhile, according to farmers and experts, hoarders and mill owners have influence over the low prices of rice. At the same time, they are also demanding the government to speedily redress the errors of government`s rice collecting process from the farmers.

Oikya Front in crisis even though 20-party remains intact

influential partners of 20-party want steering committee

Although there was tension over the swearing in of seven MPs of BNP and Jatiya Oikya Front, the 20-party alliance will not split for now. However, crisis in Oikya Front over participation in National Parliament has not reduced. As a result, an Oikya Front meeting, that was scheduled to take place on last Sunday, has been postponed. In such circumstances, the coalition has virtually been in a stalemate.

Murder accused, drug dealer in BCL committee

Student leaders accused of several crimes such as murder, extortion, drug dealing got position in BCL committee this year. Almost 50 percent of the posts of BCL central committee have been awarded to the accused and controversial leaders. Even, student leaders from Chatra Dal also got post. On the other hand, tested and active members were deprived.


ACC`s recommendation to prevent corruption

Take initiative to implement quickly

The main obstacle in the development and advancement of Bangladesh is corruption.  Not only in advancement, it is a major barrier to the establishment of citizens` rights and services. Highlighting the corruption of the country, the ACC submitted a report to the President on Monday, and it has recommended intervention to prevent corruption with a 120-point proposal. Experts believe that ACC`s recommendations are very timely on the basis of real circumstances. We hope that the government policymakers will consider the ACC`s recommendations on an urgent basis and take the necessary steps to implement the recommendations in the qucikest possible time.


More 13 lac to get the poor allowance

The social security sector will get priority in the coming budget. 13 lac poor people will be brought under this social protection plan. In the current budget, 73 lac people will get different allowances under various social safety net programs. The number will reach up to 87 lac next year.

Upazila chairmen to be given `special` responsibility

Upazila chairmen will be involved in implementing Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina`s `special initiative`. In addition to regular responsibilities, they will have to monitor the implementation of projects under special initiative at scheduled time. Although the chairmen have no role to implement the ongoing project. As a result, there was a lack of coordination with the Upazila Parishads in many cases. There are also many complications arising in the implementation. In this context, the responsibility of the upazila chairmen is given to make the projects more vigorous.


No one lagging behind in immorality!

The availability of safe and healthy foods is getting insufficient. The greedy of dishonest businessmen are suppressing the values. After the recent penalty to some noted brands for their adulterated products, the matter of trust has come down to the lowest. Despite taking various steps, it is not possible to stop the activities of the culprits.


Money has become a part of transaction!

Hasan Azizul Huq

Transaction in taka has increased. But the unfortunate thing is that education is also being made part of this transaction. The trade of education has now become an open secret. But this situation is not desirable. Wherever we focus on society, we will have to give priority to education. Our policy makers and concerned authority must take a firm stand to counter the initiative of commercialization of education.


Full committee of Chhatra League

Half a hundred controversial leaders and activists

At least half a hundred controversial leaders and activists got positions in new BCL committee formed a year after the conference. Among them, married, job holder, non-student, accused of several cases have been included. Not only that, some who took anti Awami League and BCL stand in the past and remained inactive during party`s bad times were given positions. In this situation, the deprived activists have demanded the reconstitution of the committee within 48 hours. They also wanted to meet the Prime Minister.

BNP in which direction?

BNP, one of the main political parties in the country, is suffering from indecision on some important issues. The leaders of the party cannot be firm on any decision. As a result, party leaders and activists are getting frustrated over the time.


Unbridled corruption in recruitment

Qualified candidates` appointments should be ensured

The information about recent corruption and irregularity and nepotism in the appointment of government, semi-government, autonomous and statutory government organizations revealed in the annual report of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) instigated our concerns. Using the opportunity of ongoing crisis on employment opportunity, a class continues their corruption. But if corruption can be prevented in recruitment, overall corruption would get reduced considerably. Therefore, the recommendation of the ACC to stop the corruption of the recruitment needs to be taken under consideration.

30 projects to tackle disaster

Fair implementation is desirable

Bangladesh is one of the few countries which are facing a major threat due to climate change. If there is not enough preparation in this situation, then we will not be able to deal different disasters. The Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change has set a goal of implementing 30 projects in order to address the disaster. Integrated cooperation with all ministries is absolutely desirable for the implementation of the 30 projects taken for disaster risk reduction.


Fear of discontent regarding wage-bonus before Eid: More than 6 hundred garment factories under surveillance

Although the Ministry of Labor has provided information about sufficient work-order, denying the fact, the owners of garment factories said that there is a shortage of work-order. In the case of small-scale work, there is a pressure to reduce price. Meanwhile, the factory owners are facing difficulty to implement new wage structure. Many factories have been shut down for this reason.

Badrul Alam

Bangladesh Bank`s board of directors` meeting today: compromise to get rid of burden

Loan defaulters have become a curse for the banks of our country. Some defaulters have left the country without paying their debts. Despite the lawsuit, the money could not be recovered. To get rid of this burden, the Ministry of Finance wants to compromise with the loan defaulters. Bangladesh Bank is going to endorse the loan regulatory policy by agreeing to this decision.

Hasan Adnan


When will public sufferings due to construction activities end?

Once a construction starts, it does not end that easily, be it in government or private sector. There are many issues to take into consideration such as public security, barrier-free public transport and communication, sound pollution, waste management etc. Proper planning is a must for a construction project.

Q R Islam

Banker’s helplessness

Regardless of the rules and regulations to provide service in the banking sectors, bankers often risk their career for the protection of banks. These situations make them helpless. If the risk is not mitigated, banks can be in danger. On the other hand, if they take risk, their career can be at stake.

Dr. SM Abu Zaker

Shomoyer Alo

One-storey building with four rooms ready for Khaleda

Khaleda Zia will be shifted to newly built makeshift courtroom inside the Dhaka Central Jail at Keraniganj on the outskirts of the capital. Khaleda Zia will stay there as the only prisoner in the one-storey building. Her personal care-taker Fatema will stay with her.

Alamgir Hossain

PM directs to export rice by ensuring fair price for farmers

PM has ordered to take necessary steps to speed up the process of rice exportation to ensure fair price for the farmers. Despite the bumper production of rice, price is comparatively low in market which is alarming for the country. To resolve this issue, exportation of rice is likely to be the only fruitful way.

Rafiqul Islam Sabuj

Quick and effective solution needed

Between the sweltering summer heat and the long hours of fasting for Ramadan, residents of different areas are suffering from water crisis. The crisis must be resolved. WASA has always failed to solve the problems. Government must take initiative to address this crisis.


60 in center of dispute

Bangladesh Chhatra League leaders and activists, who were deprived of posts in new committee, bring out a procession at Dhaka University on Tuesday demanding reform and reorganization of the new committee. There is allegation that many leaders who have criminal records, are non-students, drug abusers, drug dealers, and married made their place in the committee. The number ‘60’ has brought misfortune for them.

Pavel Haider Chowdhury

Keraniganj Jail ready for Khaleda

BNP chairperson will be shifted straight to the Keraniganj prison after her release from hospital. All preparations have been completed to shift her to Keraniganj Central Jail. The trials would take place at the special court set up at building-2 of Keraniganj jail.



Students’ politics to be controlled by students

Only genuine students who are meritorious can take responsibility of politics. Politics is not a thing to play. Opportunists must be prevented to take power in the politics, as they never work for country’s welfare apart from their business. The committee must follow the democratic policy of the country.


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