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Published on : 14 May 2019, 05:47 PM
Today in newspapers

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Kaler Kantho

Many facilities for loan defaulters

Initiatives are being taken to make the loan repayment opportunity available for the loan defaulters. Not only that, those who did not repay their loans since the independence can also apply for the re-schedule facility. And a committee formed under the leadership of the finance ministry will oversee the whole issue.

No shelter in Europe despite a miserable journey

Bangladeshis cannot get permanent shelter in Europe even after their miserable journey. Bangladeshi migrants have a lowest position in the list of immigrants granted shelter in Europe. According to the European Asylum Support Office, last year, 28 countries of the European Union (EU) and Norway and Switzerland (EU +) granted 590,500 shelters, of which only 5 percent were Bangladeshi Citizen.


Guarantee of safe food

Take appropriate measures to stop adulteration

Almost every product of our daily food lists is adulterated. In this context, the High Court has called upon the government and the concerned authority to declare war against food adulteration like anti-drug campaign to ensure food safety. Our country has organizations like BSTI, National Consumer Rights Protection Directorate and various organizations to ensure consumer rights. Still, the presence of adulterated products continues to grow.

Unrest in garment factories

Ensure payments of workers salary and allowances

Before the Eid every year, the garments sector of Bangladesh becomes a topic for discussion due to the demand for wages and allowances. Currently, this situation has improved, but at the same time negative images are also seen. This situation is not desirable in any way. Ready-made garments industry is our main export sector so far. That`s why they are also at the top in getting government`s patronage and various facilities. In this context, strict measures should be taken against those factories which linger on the payment of workers` wages.


BNP`s 5 MPs

They are now `ostracized`

BNP`s elected MPs have been isolated from their own party activists. Recently they took oath in the National Parliament following party`s order. However, these MPs are not seen to participate in any party program. Various leaders of BNP said, although they followed party`s decision, the grassroots, however, refused to believe them. Even the central leaders cannot accept the elected MPs. In such a situation, 5 MPs have become ostracized in their own party.


Online marketing

Shadow of doubt in this potential sector

Bangladesh is making a limited participation in rapidly growing global market of outsourcing. Especially the youths are getting more interested in this sector. At such time, deception in the name of online income or outsourcing will naturally affect this sector. In this case it is important to take legal action those proved to be guilty and there is a need of awareness programs.

Recession in rice market

How longer the farmers will have to endure!

The government collects rice at a fixed price every year to ensure fair prices of the farmers. But in real life political activists, millers and businessmen get the benefit instead of the farmers. This practice that has been in place for many years to felicitate a small number should be changed.


Politics or joke on all issues is not good

Abdul Mannan

Bengalis love rumor and are very lambent in seeking politics in every issue, which is not good at all. When Prime Minister visited London for her eye treatment, a group started criticizing and mocking her visit. Even some made inhuman remarks on AL general secretary Obaidul Quader`s treatment. Those who compare Bangladesh with other countries are requested to be a little sensitive in light of the reality. Trolls and mockery on every issue will not bring any positive result.


ACC`s report to President: 120 recommendations

Recruitment is `radix` of corruption

Corruption-irregularities and nepotism cannot be stopped in government, semi-government, autonomous and statutory government organizations. ACC got several allegations of recruitment related corruption. After verification ACC has also found sufficient proof of corruption in recruitment.

Full committee of Chhatra League

Accused, married, professionals are on the list

After a long drama, BCL full-time committee was announced a year after the conference. Married, non-student, accused of murder and drug related charges are getting position this time. Even people who were against Awami League and BCL earlier got the posts. Hundreds of top ranked leaders have been deprived of posts this time.


Food adulteration: High Court directive

Declaring war against adulteration is desirable

Recently, the High Court has ordered the withdrawal of 52 sub-standard food items from the market and to take effective action against those involved in selling and supplying these food items.Most of these are renowned brand products. There is no scope to compromise on food security. In order to combat this crisis, coordinated participation of every controlling organizations is needed.

Drivers faulty eyesight

Physical and mental wellness should be ensured

50 percent of the bus drivers and their assistants in Dhaka suffer various eye problems. If a bus driver and his assistant are not physically and psychologically completely healthy, major accidents are likely to occur anytime. Apart from increase in the number of accidents, the fear of unwanted behavior can also increase if their physical and mental well-being is not ensured. Therefore, the bus drivers and his assistants should understand that they have to avoid performing their duties remaining physically unfit.


US warlords against Iran

Badruddin Umar

The United States is actually planning a war plan against Iran. If they do not do anything like fighting against Iran, the possibility of sabotage inside Iran would not be ignored. But Iran knows that the United States does not have any power to attack Iran as it attacked Iraq. So, they also threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz through which much of the oil of the Middle East reaches to the western world. In this context, if US shows an audacity to attack Iran, not only the US, but also the world`s imperial and capitalist countries will face a state of turbulence.


Bangladesh after Vietnam, Philippine, ahead of India

The 2020s are set to be the Asian decade, with the continent dominating an exclusive list of economies expected to sustain growth rates of around 7%. India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar and the Philippines should all meet that benchmark. Bangladesh will be ahead of India by 2030.

Sonali Bank in liquid crisis too, borrows money everyday

Bangladesh`s banking system is going through a strange and critical phase right now. Since the beginning of the year, Sonali Bank’s liquidity is decreasing continuously. In 2018, the growth of the bank`s deposits was slow too. After the last December Sonali Bank’s total deposits were Tk 1 lakh 9 thousand 376 crore. It has decreased in the last four months.

Hasan Adnan


Participation in development process will increase through the enhancement of efficiency

The world is endeavoring for global development at sustainable development. Bangladesh is a part of this campaign. The economic, social and environmental factors are taken in to consideration. Bangladesh has progressed in the last 10 years with unprecedented development, which other countries could not have done.

Dr. Jayasree Roy

Women in country’s labor market

One of the clear indicators that we live in a new age is the growing acceptance of the principle of the equality of men and women. In spite of the beliefs of former generations that men were superior to women; at present, we see women working shoulder to shoulder with men, in social, economic, political, cultural, all aspects of life. However, women in the labor market are being humiliated and deprived, without getting proper and fair amount of wages. Government should focus on this issue.

Pranab Majumder

Shomoyer Alo

Extreme sufferings due to water crisis in several areas of the capital

Domestic water crisis has become more acute at different parts of the capital amidst the heat wave continuing causing untold public sufferings in Ramadan. According to the locals, a syndicate is working behind creating the false crises, and supplying water in exchange of financial benefits.

Rafiqul Islam Sabuj

PM plans three-country tour

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina plans three-country tour and is likely to leave the country on May 28. She is invited to attend the international conference on The Future of Asia organized by Nikkei to be held on May 30 and 31 in Tokyo.


Anarchy of brokers must be prevented

Every year, thousands of men and women in Bangladesh become victims of trafficking. A significant share of Bangladesh’s trafficking victims is men recruited for overseas works with fraudulent employment offers. Government along with the victims cannot avoid the liabilities. Brokers should be brought to justice.

We want life though words get shuffled

Cruelty, inhumanity is seen in all phases of the society. It has become a burden for us. Women and children are not safe in the society. We have to stand together to protest against these inhuman activities. We should make the country livable.

Begum Zahan Ara

Bangladesh Pratidin

Khaleda to be shifted to Keraniganj

The government has decided to hold trials in the cases pending against jailed BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia at Dhaka Central Jail in Keraniganj. The trial proceedings in 17 cases against Khaleda will be run form there.

Attack on female protestants

The newly announced BCL committee includes married students, non-students, alleged extortionists, expelled BCL men, drug dealers and the addict, according to sources in the student organization. Demonstrations have been held by those who could not make it to the new committee. Female leaders are attacked during the demonstration.


Not only government but also opponents must be accountable

Troubled by many questions, in an extended meeting on May 9, Krishak Sramik Janata League presented some issuesto the top leaders of the Oikya Front. If these problems are not resolved by June 9, our party will leave Oikya Front.

Bangabir Kader Siddique Bir Uttom


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