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Published on : 13 May 2019, 03:03 PM
Today in newspapers

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Kaler Kantho

Procession of death in Mediterranean Sea

International Organization for Migration (IOM) terms the central Mediterranean route from Libya to Europe as the deadliest for movement. From September 2014 to September 2017, one in 50 people trying to reach Italy through that route died. 37 Bangladeshis drowned to death after their boat capsized while moving to Italy on the same route.


Death of Bangladeshi nationals in Mediterranean

Take strict measures against traffickers

The curse of unemployment and the desire of solvency force people to migrate from their own country anyway. And in this case, some deceit and unscrupulous people take advantage of their situation. At present, the death of 37 Bangladeshis in Mediterranean has proved that traffickers have a strong network in Bangladesh. Crime experts believe that if these criminals are not eliminated now, they will expand their network in Bangladesh in future and it will be very difficult to suppress them.

Deterioration of law and order

Take `Zero Tolerance` policy to prevent rape

Country`s social norms are going down steadily and various crimes organized in the present time are the biggest examples of this. If there were social customs or social rules, then such barbaric incidents in society would not have happened one after another. Besides delaying the trial and neglect of the investigation is further encouraging the crime. And due to these reasons, it is necessary to make a decision now. The government should take `zero tolerance` policy against rape.


Higher education without research is meaningless

Mamtaj Uddin Patwari

Research in the developed countries is a necessary part of higher education. Their curricula are related with research engagement from the very beginning. However, in the case of higher education in our country, graduate and postgraduate degrees are mostly certificate oriented. As a result, our students often do not become eligible for expert knowledge. However, if we were to make our higher education curriculum necessary for the development of students in theoretical and empirical education, most of them would have the opportunity to contribute with specialized knowledge and skills in all areas of our country and nation.


High Court wants to declare war against food adulteration

Imposed ban on 52 products

The High Court has ordered the withdrawal of 52 food items from various companies and brands including products of Pran they fail to qualify the BSTI test. At the same time, it has been ordered to take effective measures against those involved in selling and supplying these food items. This order has been given to Bangladesh Food Safety Authority and National Consumer Rights Protection Department. In the next 10 days, the organizations have been asked to implement these instructions and report to the court.

Import of products using false announcement

Although the actual importers faced constant harassment at the Chittagong Customs House, unscrupulous importers are easily doing business using false declaration. According to the sufferers, a group of dishonest businessmen are doing this by `managing` some dishonest custom officials and employees through a huge amount of money. The Customs Detective Department and Customs Audit Investigation and Research (AIR) branch, however, have been charging such invoices at different times, but most of the invoices are being discounted.


Corruption in the customs house must be eliminated for sake of trade and commerce

As the lion`s share of import and export of the country is executed through the port of Chittagong, the businessmen of the country are more likely to have relation with this port related custom house. But unfortunately, various syndicates have been activated targeting this custom house, because of which traders are constantly being harassed. Not only that, bribery and related irregularities at Chittagong customs house have now become an open secret. In this situation, the businessmen have sought government`s interference.

Boat capsizes in Mediterranean

Take effective steps to stop illegal immigration movement

The saddest death of 37 Bangladeshis by drowning in Mediterranean reveals the tendency of illegal immigration following country`s ongoing unemployment crisis. The unemployment rate in the country is increasing. In this situation, the government should look for new labor markets in different countries and strengthen our position in the existing labor markets. At the same time, it is necessary to focus on developing skilled manpower. Otherwise, illegal migration and such tragedies cannot be stopped.


Why journey of death in the sea

A 2017 IOM survey showed that Bangladesh is on top five whose citizens are trying to enter Italy through the Mediterranean.  Immigration experts and manpower sector experts have said that country`s growing unemployment rate, reduced access to foreign countries, and fascination towards the European life are forcing our youths to take such dangerous moves. Moreover, traffickers are taking this opportunity. 


One doctor for 3200 prisoners

Both doctors and prisoners are human

It is easy to imagine the medical conditions of prisoners of Barisal`s six prisons as 3,200 of them have only one doctor. In such a situation, the prisoners along with the doctors also suffer from various woes. In this situation, if at least one doctor is recruited for each of the six prisons immediately and if a doctor from the district hospitals `visited` the prison for a period of time as an interim arrangement then the pressure might decrease a little bit.


Three decades of Begum Zia in politics

Ajay Dasgupta

Begum Khaleda Zia has been imprisoned for 15 months. BNP has helplessly surrendered on December 30 parliamentary elections. They also faced disaster 5 years ago for not keeping pace with the time. After the 15th August 1975, Awami League had faced a bigger disaster than this. But the party has been able to follow the political reality all the time. In response to this question if BNP would be able to revolt politically it can be said that BNP has followed the wrong path from its birth. And no political party in Bangladesh will be able to make a permanent position by abandoning the ideology of our independence.

Is Bangabandhu`s `Golden Bengal` being made?

Sheikh Adnan Fahad

During the last 10 years under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh has made outstanding development in the economic field. Poverty has decreased, human income increased, infrastructural developments are taking place faster with time. After so much of development, the question still remains, is equal development happening? Is Bangladesh being run following the ideals of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman?


Best bank 2018: Dutch-Bangla, BRAC, EBL on top

Most of the banks have obtained the numbers below 30 out of 70. About hundred banks have not got 50% number. If loan default can be controlled, the problem will be solved. The banks are maintaining a clean balance sheet. The outcome will be seen in two to three years.

Mahfuz Ullah Babu, Hasan Adnan

Private helicopter services escape from surveillance

There is no information about the passengers or the luggage carrying the helicopters. The destination is not mentioned properly.There is no provision to review information on whether they are landing anywhere after leaving Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. The criminals can take the advantage of trafficking illegal goods. Necessary measures must be taken in this regard.

Manzurul Islam


Ensuring development rights within a legal framework

Bangladesh has adopted the SDG targets with seriousness. Therefore, we are moving forward to success. Analysts believe that in some cases the process of establishing our functional equilibrium for sustainable development along with strengthening the linkage with other regional organizations highlights the need for greater efficiency. It will encourage the direct foreign investment and thus expedite the process of Bangladesh getting rid of poverty.

Muhammad Zamir

Who are getting redemption of liability?

As finance minster declared, only the real victims will be forgiven. They will get the advantage of re-fixing the default loan at 2% rate. They will have to take a new security check-up to withdraw the old cases so that those traders can pay to the banks without hassle and the banks can take action if they fail again.

Motahar Hossain Chowdhury

Shomoyer Alo

Illegal Bangladeshi migrants and their sufferings in 10 years

Most of the time, the helpless poor people, tricked by the brokers, are going abroad risking their lives. They lead a miserable life after going there. Almost every month media publishes news regarding the misery and abuse of the migrants. In many cases embassy is unable to report the situation.

SM Alamgir

37 Bangladeshis among dead

Foreign Ministry said that 37 Bangladeshis had perished in the boat capsize in the Mediterranean Sea. 14 among 16 Bangladeshis have been rescued. Many Bangladeshis choose the risky way to reach Europe with the hope of a better life. A large number of them often perish in the sea.


Accreditation council for higher education development

Bangladesh Accreditation council has been inaugurated on May 6, 2019. It is expected that the council will play an important role in higher education development in Bangladesh. Teachers` pay scale should be improved, so that meritorious students become interested in teaching profession. It is often heard that even after being highly educated, there is no job anywhere. This problem must be solved.

Dr. Mesbahuddin Ahmed

May Hajj travel be safe

Hajj pilgrims always go through several crises such as schedule inversion, flight crisis, deceived by Hajj agents which have become a great problem to them. The state has to look over this matter ensuring the pilgrims’ safety.

Bangladesh Pratidin

Constitutional institutions becoming ineffective

The state`s constitutional and government service companies are becoming inactive day by day. They are even not playing a role in many important issues. There is no active role of the parliament, Election Commission and Human Rights Commission.

Julkar Nain

Substandard 52 products banned to sell

Urging PM to declare a war against food adulteration, the High Court yesterday gave a directive to immediately remove 52 food items from the market that have been proved to be substandard by BSTI.


37 years of Sheikh Hasina’s politics

In last 37 years Sheikh Hasina has travelled through a long difficult way. But she never gave up. Her capability has created hope among the people of Bangladesh. In next ten years there is no alternative to Sheikh Hasina to build a hunger and poverty free Bangladesh.

Maj. Gen. A K Mohammad Ali Shikder PSC (Rtd.)


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