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Published on : 25 April 2019, 03:23 PM
Today in newspapers

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Kaler Kantho

No success, still allocation in PPP

TK 2500 crore to Tk 3000 crores may be allocated this time

A large part of the budget has always been allocated in PPPs despite this sector failed to attract private investors. This sector could not attract private investment even though the government relies on the sector to meet the investment deficit. The concerned officials of the Finance Department say that some new initiatives may be taken in the next fiscal year`s budget to make the PPP successful.


Bitter taste of college affiliation

Need emergency measures to solve the problem

In the year 2017, seven colleges in the capital were affiliated to Dhaka University for the purpose of overcoming problems like session jam and for the improvement of education. But after two years have passed, the students of the college did not get any benefit, rather their sufferings increased further. In order to solve the problems, the students of seven colleges came out on the streets on last Tuesday with a five-point demand. The authorities were urged to solve the complications by meeting these logical demands of the students.


A barbaric incident: where is the solution?

Ahmed Rafiq

The rape and killings occurring in the current society, including Rafi`s murder, bear testimony to gradual degradation of our society and its dark side. And the local administration and the influential cycle are usually directly or indirectly associated with these events. The culture of injustice is further encouraging these social evils, which are gradually leading our society towards deeper darkness. In order to be protected from these evils, our government and society should get regenerated.

Superbug, inversion of twenty-first century!

Muniruddin Ahmad

The human body is becoming antibiotic resistant, with arbitrary use, abuse and irrational use of antibiotics. A report by the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph said the 80 percent deaths in the ICU of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University are caused because of superbug. This situation arose due to the use of excessive and uncontrolled antibiotics. The extent of this condition is so much that the World Health Organization is urging every government, every doctor, patient, people, health worker and all concerned to come forward in order to prevent antibiotic resistance on priority basis. Because if this antibiotic resistance is not stopped, human civilization has to pay the extreme price within a small period.


Swearing in of BNP MPs

Speaker may increase time if she wants

The 11th Parliament will complete its 90-day term on April 30. According to the constitution, if the elected MPs of BNP cannot take oath within 30th of April, the speaker can decide to declare their seat vacant. Meanwhile, 5 MPs are still uncertain about taking oath. On the other hand, policymakers think, some can take an oath going against the party`s decision.


Blood again on the streets of the capital

Coordinated initiatives needed to bring discipline

Death rates on the road cannot be controlled in any way. The streets of the capital have become death wells. One of the reasons for this situation is the ongoing disorder in the transport sector. Legal measures cannot be taken against the convicted drivers because of the pressure of transport owners and transport sector leaders. And the pedestrians are not very aware of the laws also. Coordination in all cases can prevent road accidents in our country.


Prevent arbitrariness of motorbikes

Abu Saleh Mohammad Sayem

Motorcycles are becoming popular due to the lack of public transport, the vulnerability of traffic management, and the ability to reach the destination faster overcoming the traffic congestion. However, due to the arbitrary and uncontrolled behavior of the bike riders, from pedestrians to other vehicle drivers, all are to face adversity. Although the laws related to motor transport are still in force for all other vehicles, the bike riders, however, do not care much about the laws. As a result, street passers-by have been the victims of their havoc on the road.

Impotency of politics instigates social crimes

Muhammad Yahya Akhtar

Though the current political situation of Bangladesh is visibly peaceful, the society is becoming increasingly unstable. In the current society, the number of social crimes has increased so much that even after increasing the number of law enforcers, crimes cannot be prevented. And the political environment of the country is very responsible for this situation. When the politics loses its democratic character, social crimes and violence get the chance to flourish. In order to reduce the number of incidents of crimes, terrorism, murder, rape, etc. of society, there must be a sense of honesty and well-being in politics.


Elderly Rabeya

When will she get justice?

Elderly Rabeya Khatun has to appear before the court till now in a case filed in 2002 in connection with the illegal possession of arms and bullets. No one knows when the case that has lasted for 18 years will end. The number of such criminal cases pending in the lower courts of the country is more than 1.7 million. Of them, more than 250,000 cases have been pending for more than five years, which proves the inertness of our justice system.


Five claims of seven colleges

Take the students interests into account

The colleges affiliated to Dhaka University are well known and their quality of education is good. But the Dhaka University administration has not been able to properly manage them since the beginning. They do not even have the manpower. As a result, various problems have got created and general students have been affected. In this context, the problems raised by the students in five phases should be resolved quickly. Otherwise, the students will come down on street often.

Seizing land tying an elderly woman

What type of oppression is this in Jamalpur!

The incident of tying a minority woman with trees to occupy her land in Jukarpara village of Jamalpur Sadarupazila has surprised us. After arresting one of the occupiers of the incident, he was later released in the court. In this case the role of law enforcement agencies is also questionable. Although the attackers are continuously threatening the victim after coming out of bail, the police are not taking any step in this regard. Such barbarism cannot continue in a civilized country. Immediate punishment of the accused should be ensured to stop such crime.

Is Sonadia victim of regional geopolitics?

Dr. Mainul Islam

In order to prevent China`s access in the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, India provided veto on China`s assistance to build deep seaport in Sonadia in Bangladesh. And to maintain the stability of internal politics, the Bangladesh government has to accept many unjustified claims of India. But it is also true that deep sea port is very important for long-term development of Bangladesh. So if India forces the Bangladesh government to stop China from constructing the deep sea port of Sonadia, then the Bangladesh government can put pressure on India for alternative funding to build that port.


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