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Published on : 23 April 2019, 05:18 PM
Today in newspapers

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Kaler Kantho

Series bomb attacks in Sri Lankan churches and hotels claim 290 lives this time

No country is risk-free

Sunday`s terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka are the biggest attack in the region in last 15 years. Western analysts warned a few years ago that the IS militants could try to be organized after returning to their home country after the fall of their alleged Caliphate in Iraq and Syria. In this case, they termed South Asia including Bangladesh as risky. Because people from this region joined the IS and also led the terrorist activities.


Diabolical massacre in Sri Lanka

Regional initiatives are needed against terrorism

The hellish act of terrorism again hit the humanity when the scar of Christchurch attack still remains fresh. Along with country`s own initiatives, efforts should be taken to resist them at global and regional levels. Assistance and coordination among regional counter-terrorism network should be increased.

Water of Dhaka WASA

Take measures to make the water safe

Even WASA officials acknowledged that the water supplied by this authority is not pure. Residents of several areas complained of odor and contamination. People have been affected by diarrhea and various water related diseases even after drinking the water following proper purification. Now, to ensure pure water in all areas of the capital, the supply line should be renewed. Although the work is time consuming and costly, it will be possible to ensure pure drinking water after finishing it.


Terrorism: Christchurch to Colombo

Tarek Shamsur Rehman

There is no confirmation of involvement of any organization in Christchurch attack. But Sri Lanka blasts are undoubtedly planned and collective attacks. Although no organization claimed responsibility for the attacks yet, they are believed to have been carried out by any IS supporter group. After the collapse of IS, the alleged Caliphate in Syria, it was assumed that IS lost its existence. But Colombo attacks proved that the terrorists expanded their networks in Southeast Asia or South Asia. Sri Lanka`s terrorist attacks are not just a `wake up` call for Sri Lanka and South-East Asia, but also a warning for Bangladesh.


Default loan

Banks in trouble providing loan willingly

It is seen many times that the branch officials granted loans to unworthy recipients. However, major loans are usually provided under higher instructions or pressure. Irregularities will not stop if they cannot ensure proper use of the loan. The central bank must be tough on this issue.


Agricultural products` market

Open the close door

The government also has specific plans to ensure further progress in agriculture. But in some cases, it is seen that many plans are not implemented due to indifference or lack of transparency of the concerned people. Although the demand for the marketing of agricultural commodities and building a market system prioritizing farmers and consumers interest have been raised but the matter remained neglected. As a result, farmers and consumers have been deprived of their interests. The concerned authority needs to take immediate action to solve this problem.


Blood soaked Sri Lanka

Emajuddin Ahamed

Sunday bomb blasts in Sri Lanka are the worst terrorist attacks in South Asia region in the past decade. There is still no clear message from the attack, but it does not require any analysis that these attacks have indicated something ominous. If the responsibility of the incident was acknowledged by a person or group then the message would have been clear. But since it is still not clear, therefore, the attempt to impose the responsibility of the attack can be on anyone. However, one thing is very important that the government of Sri Lanka, and country`s media have been responded with maturity. They did not point fingers towards anyone without adequate information and proofs.


Series bomb attacks in churches-hotels: 290 died, 500 injured

State emergency declared in Sri Lanka.

National Towheed Jamaat claimed Sunday series attacks. At least 24 people have been arrested so far in connection with the incident. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has confirmed that all the attackers are Sri Lankans. Meanwhile, the United States fears the likelihood of more attacks in Sri Lanka.


Terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka

Why this hatred?

The nature of Sri Lanka attack proved that not just a religious community, but tourists have also been targeted by the terrorists. Meanwhile, a mosque of country`s Puttalam district has been targeted after Sunday blasts. These incidents are not normal. Whatever the purpose behind this attack, it is undoubtedly reprehensible. Because of the hatred of some people towards different religions or nations, people are at risk of terrorist attacks in many countries irrespective of race, religion or caste. For the sake of peace of mankind, the world has to be liberated from this hatred.

How many deaths on the road?

Sohel Diref

Although the government has taken several steps at different times to ensure safe roads, the transport owners and workers ignored them. This chaotic road management cannot continue anymore. Immediate initiatives should be taken to stop their anarchy. All of us have to come forward to prevent road accidents. Sensible and responsible movement in road often reduce the number of accidents. Besides, rewards can be introduced to the transport workers to motivate responsibility in the road. In this case, they will try to reduce their uncontrolled behavior and be responsible.


Government role in Rafi murder and growing number of rapes

Badruddin Umar

The growing number of rapes showed us how deeply social anarchy has spread in Bangladesh. In the present context, Nusrat killings and incidents of rape are not an isolated incident of crime, rather they are very closely related to the existing political situation. And sadly, the government`s apathy, indifference and the direct involvement of many government agencies with these incidents have come into public at present. Criminals of the country are now being run by the government agencies in a very orderly manner. Ensuring welfare is not a sole responsibility of a government, the government has to control crimes and criminals at the same time. But now the absence of this responsibility in the context of Bangladesh encourages this type of crimes.

Desh Rupantor

SL orders curfew

Sri Lankan authorities ordered a curfew in the capital, Colombo, for a second day on Monday, a day after a string of bombs killed 290 people and wounded 500 more. The country will observe a day of national mourning as a mark of respect for the lives lost in the Easter Sunday attack.

US anticipates another attack

The revised travel warnings issued by the United States said that another terrorist attack can take place without any warning. Tourism infrastructure and tourist sites,shopping malls, hotels, buses and train stations, various prayer centers, airports and public areas were marked as possible targets of the attack.


We stand beside Sri Lanka

The acts of violence against churches and hotels in Sri Lanka are truly appalling. There is no place for such barbarism in our heart. We stand in solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka.We must stand together to make sure that no one should ever have to practice their faith in fear. We reject all forms of extremism and stand for freedom of religions and the right to worship safely.

Shomoyer Alo

Intelligence surveillance increased

Alamgir Hossain

Law enforcing agencies and intelligence agencies of Bangladesh have heightened their vigilance across the country following the series bombings in Sri Lanka that killed at least 290 people so far.Though State Minister, Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said there is no threat of sabotage in Bangladesh following the spate of attacks in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh Police and intelligence agencies have taken several initiatives to avoid risks.

PM urges Brunei entrepreneurs to invest in BD

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina invited the entrepreneurs of Brunei to forge a partnership with the Bangladesh business community to increase growth and prosperity. She said that Bangladesh is one of the most liberal foreign investment regimes in South Asia as the country offers various facilities for the investors, including protection of foreign investments by law, generous tax policy, and concessionary duty on machinery import.


Where ends this brutality?

Such brutal attack on the holy day is an act of violence against all beliefs and denominations. We strongly condemn this barbarism and call for swift action to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Assange: Expressing truth is terrible

Shahidul Islam

If Britain hands Assange to United States and he faces death penalty for expressing confidential state truth, then he will not be the first martyr who expressed the truth. His death will be regarded as a war against oppression in the history of humankind. World wants justice for him.


Default loan policy

If interest is charged twice a year, banks’ income will get reduced by thousand crores of Taka. In such cases, scheduled banks may be affected. But for the sake of the country`s economy and business everyone has to compromise.

Body of Sheikh Selim’s grandson to arrive Dhaka tomorrow

Body of AL presidium member Sheikh Selim’s grandson who was killed in the Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka is likely to arrive in Bangladesh tomorrow. During the explosion, Zayan and his father were having breakfast at a restaurant on the ground floor. His father was rushed to the hospital after the explosion but there was no trace of Zayan. He was reported dead later in a hospital.


Challenge of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives Ministry

Tofail Ahmed

The idea of development `My Village My Town’ should be implemented to stop the distorted process of urbanization which will give new guideline for further development. There should be a planned development framework in conjunction with many things like education, health, housing, roads and vehicles, agriculture, industry, and infrastructure.

Transparency and accountability in financial sector

Ali Idris

To ensure sustainable development of Bangladesh by preventing money laundering, the country will have to give the opportunity to invest the surplus capitals of the citizens in their own country. The political will and good governance are important for this step. Crimes will reduce if good governance is ensured.



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