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Published on : 20 April 2019, 02:39 PM
Today in Newspapers

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Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghna basin: Partner smaller countries depend more

In the surrounding areas, economic and social activities of the people are dependent on rivers. Due to the construction of dams in the upstream there is crisis in the ‘bhati’ regions. Because of the dependence on these three rivers, smaller countries  are experiencing adverse impact.

Sumon Afsar

Capital’s kitchen market: Fire takes place before dawn

The traders complained that the fire was planned with the intention of grabbing land. Fire Service Director (Operation and Maintenance) Major AKM Shakil Newaz said most of the shops in the market were closed at midnight. Due to electric short circuit or somehow fire breaks out and then spreads all over. He remained silent regarding the mystery of fire taking place at dawn.

Nihal Hasnain


Fire safety issues in Dhaka city

The building owners and the residents must check if their buildings are safe from the risk of fire. Maximum buildings of Dhaka city have been built unplanned. Not only fire extinguishers, emergency escape routes and training for the residents are needed to avoid risk.

M Inamul Haque

Practice-oriented test system should be introduced

Every student has to be a skilled worker at any cost, there must be a confirmation of his departmental job. Research will be the vehicle for education, not just the work of intellectuals only. Students must learn through practice-oriented test. Finland’s education system is not always applicable for this country.

Shahjahan Sarkar

Shomoyer Alo

Administration and the influential united in Feni

The people are afraid of the influential syndicate of Feni. Some members of BNP and Jamaat are living under AL leaders’ influence who are mainly responsible for the terrorism and violence taking place. Due to the flow of foreign currency, there are conflict, murder, rape, extortion everywhere. And all these activities are being mainly controlled by that dominant cycle.

Almagir Hossain

PM takes treatment paying Tk 10

Prime Minister took treatment like a general patient from the National Institute of Ophthalmology and Hospital by paying fees TK 10


Order of Pakistan Military Court

Although the country is independent, the war criminals have received honor and politicians, freedom fighters have been jailed several times. Yet there is no sorrow because Bangabandhu is our leader. The glorious days of Great Liberation War make us proud.

Tofail Ahmed

Everyone must be responsible

The people’s trust will be restored through the proper implementation of the initiatives taken by the local administration of Feni. Strict punishment must be rendered to the terrible criminals.

Desh Rupantor

Shovon-Rabbani conflict in BCL

On behalf of Shovon, some names are selected. But Rabbani is not co-operating to finalize the committee. As a result, the committee finalization work is being delayed.

Pavel Haider Chowdhury

Money laundering case against Tarique and Zobaida

A Dhaka court has ordered the Bangladesh authorities to take measures to freeze three accounts of BNP acting chief Tarique Rahman who is currently absconding in London and his wife, Zubaida Rahman in a bank in Britain. A petition was filed under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2012.


Person needs to be enthusiastic

Fire safety involves integrated measures on prevention, detection, and protection at planning stage to execute effectively for saving lives and property from fire. Every worker of the factory should, as far as possible, be trained about the use of portable fire extinguishers. Ensuring fire safety is a challenging and complicated task to be performed by all in an integrated manner.


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