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Published on : 14 April 2019, 03:02 PM
Today in newspapers


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Kaler Kantho

Let Boishakh come upon us with the spirit of revolt
Selina Hossain
This year we will celebrate Pohela Boishakh with the expectation ofexemplary punishment of Nusrat`s killers for their unimaginable atrocity. No other girl has to suffer the similar fate like Nusrat and this should be this year`s promise. Our expectations, Pohela Boishakh of this year would come with the assurance of justice.
Road accidents are not decreasing
Take action to control the speed of the vehicles. 
Drivers` reckless attitude is largely responsible for the accidents happening in the country every day. At least 15 people have been killed throughout the country only on last Friday. And the most alarming thing is the drivers and transport owners have no remorse for these unbridled deaths. As long as there is a reckless attitude among the drivers, the road accidents cannot be reduced. We hope that the concerned authorities will think about these issues and take proper action.
Being a Bengali is not easy
Serajul Islam Choudhury
Our history simultaneously contains slavery and rebellion and both of them are true. What we would accept from these two facts entirely depend on our personality. In this case it can be said, we should carry out identity along with courage, resistance, bravery and revolution. We will reject the feudalism and narrow-mindedness of our heritage and will move forward with its democratic and life-oriented side.
Day of emergence with new pleasures
Golam Kabir
Although the country`s economic development surpasses the near-past, there are still many poor living below the poverty line. The government and the lucky ones can arrange some gifts for them on the eve of Pahela Baishakh. Our identity is still limited to Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, ethnic groups etc. But it will not be too difficult to observe the arrival of Bengali year regardless of class, religion and social status.


Siraj`s wife withdraws Tk 18 lac from his bank account
Just a day after the arrest of Sonagazi Islamia Senior Fazil Madrasa principal Siraj-ud-Daula on sexual harassment case filed by Nusrat Jahan Rafi`s mother, his wife withdraws Tk 18 lac from his Janata Bank Sonagazi branch account. The money was given to the killers to carry out movement demanding release of Siraj and to murder Rafi.
Welcome 1426
Bring messages of peace and prosperity
Because of the Boishakhi fair, the rural economy faces regeneration every year. Its role in patronizing indigenous handicrafts is undeniable. This industry is playing a role in the expansion of small business and creating new jobs. These activities are adding new dimensions to our economy and culture. We hope that Bengali new year will bring peace and prosperity.
Teaching at risky buildings
Children`s safety should be ensured
Students are attending classes at over 9,500 risky primary schools across the country. As children are the future of the nation, it is very important to ensure risk-free educational institutions for them. For this reason, schools and surrounding areas will be risk-free and secure at any cost. In view of at least the future of the country, taking action against irregularities in the construction of school buildings as well as measures to eliminate the risks of risky schools should be taken promptly.
Invitation of Baishakh
Amit Roy Chowdhury
New Year is the finest day for Bangalis, which is basically a social and cultural festival. There is no shortage of effort and initiative from the state to restore the traditions of Bengal culture. Baishakh is not just a month; it`s a motivation, a unique feeling, a different life, and an exhibition of incredible self-power. Baishakh is the reflection of goodness, and well-being. So, the periphery of this festival is not limited.



Welcome 1426
Sing songs without fear
In every Baishakh, we pray for a rich-developed-proud Bangladesh. We want to overcome communalism-bigotry, violence and hatred towards women through our courage, good sense and conscience. There have been many obstacles on our way but we want to move forward ignoring all unwanted hazards. We wish that Bangladesh will overcome every darkness that will obstruct its way.
National symbol
Pahela Baishakh
Ahmed Rafiq
The cultural movement in national life has not only changed the trend of culture, but it has influenced the political environment and its nature. besides, its influence has been noticeable in the case of democratic nationalism, modernity and progressiveness.Traditional and culturally relevant practices of tradition and modernity are so important in our healthy, progressive national life.
Economy of Baishakh
Altaf Hossain Russell
Recently, many economists of Bangladesh are considering the celebration of Baishak as the wind to the economy. Many old festivals related to the Nabobarsho have been abolished with the passage of time, and there have been many new festivals. In addition to the cultural movement, the Pahela Baishakh added a new dimension to the political movement also. It is our wish that the trade and economy will not take an aggressive form during this festival.
I am Nusrat`s mother!
Rasheda Rounak Khan
When you, your family, community and state are celebrating this colorful festival, what are Nusrat, Tanu, Rupa, Tanha`s mother doing? They also have the desire to hold their daughters tightly trembling heart. What will they do to celebrate this special occasion?


Remittance growth: Bangladesh ahead of India-Pakistan
In 2018 Remittance growth of Bangladesh has reached 15 percent, which is more than neighboring two countries, India and Pakistan. But according to Executive Director of the Policy Research Institute of Bangladesh, Ahsan H. Mansur; apparently the growth looks satisfactory which is actually not. The remittance growth is not increasing compared to the number of labors in abroad. 
Duty and quota free access: 16 for Bhutan, 10 for Bangladesh
Bangladesh and Bhutan on Saturday agreed in principle to allow duty- and quota-free access of some of their products to each other’s market for mutual benefit. Five memorandums of understanding (MoUs) were signed before both the PMs of Bangladesh and Bhutan. 
New year celebration at our time
Noboborsho (Bengali New year) has always had a great impact on our culture for years. Today it is celebrated with concerts, carnivals, delicious foods and traditional items. Years ago it was celebrated in the same way with little differences. Halkhata, sweets, clay items used to add festivity among children. 
Dr. Selim Zahan
Economic picture of Bangladesh hundred years ago
It is not acceptable to see Bangladesh sitting idle and helpless among the world while we are blessed with various industries. The foreign merchants and local craftsmen must not be blamed. The fault lies in the nation’s dependable mentality.  
Dr. M A Momen

Desh Rupantor

Nusrat killed at instruction of Siraj from jail
Nuruddin held a meeting at the madrasa’s hostel on April 5 as per the instruction of principal Siraj Ud Dowla and planned to set Nusrat on fire. 13 people are involved in the murder. 
Public sufferings will increase due to waterlogging 
According to experts, this time city will suffer more because of waterlogging. The reason behind this is irresponsibility and implementation of ongoing development projects. A combined decision from all organizations can solve this problem.  
Mamun Abdullah
May this Pahela Boishakh be an awakening symbol 
Cultural awakening should be another goal of us besides the economic growth as the base of this country. Non-communal sprit among us will develop in this way. May this Boishakh awaken our soul to spread love, kindness and happiness. 

Shomoyer Alo 

Three minutes atrocity 
Murderer Nuruddin and Shamim planned to flee to India after killing Nusrat. The brutal incident took place just in three minutes. The killers planned to spread propaganda but were arrested before doing that. 
Mostofa Imrul Kayes 
Trade advancement in festival
Trade advancement is seen in Boishakh with the dealing of several products such as clothes, foods, accessories, cosmatics and essential drinks. Fashion houses of Bangladesh have turned into blooming business in this Boishakh.  
Save river, save country
Rivers for this country are no less than a mother. These rivers must be saved from pollution. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has decided to take initiatives with the help of Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100.  
Dr. Mizanur Rahman
Bengali New Year and non-communal Bangladesh 
Bangabandhu once said that he never differed among Muslims, Hindus aand Christians. That’s how he has been able to establish this democratic humanitarian Bangladesh. May this Pahela Boishakh help us celebrate non-communalisn and kindness.
Dr. Iftekhar Uddin Chowdhury
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